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10 Art School Grads To Look Out For
Introducing the class of 2020
Art Girls Jungle 23 Aug 2020

It’s been a strange year, but especially strange for students graduating from art school. Separated from their classmates, studios and tutors, their final years of education have been solitary and for the majority, without an IRL graduation or even a grad show. And, even though they can exhibit their work online via digital shows and social media, it’s just not the same. So, in a bid to champion the next generation of super artists, here are 10 art school grads to look out for.

Hangama Amiri, MFA Painting, Yale University School Of Art

Though Hangama Amiri’s MFA was in painting, her work spans many mediums including embroidery, text and video. Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, her work often touches on her heritage. Her MFA project focused on her memories of daily life in Afghanistan and the neighbourhood Macroyan-e Kohna where she grew up, sharing a geopolitical landscape of everyday life in Afghanistan.  

Tara Garigue, BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, University of Arts London

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Londoner Tara Garigue is the art girl we all wished we were. Her work is super dreamy and she is super fun. Currently working on bringing her arty pals for an exhibition set to open in London this September, Tara is definitely one to watch. 

SalahEddin AlQawsami, BA Visual Arts, University of Jordan

SalahEddin AlQawsami currently has work on view in Frame Of Reference at Manara Culture in Amman, Jordan, an exhibition celebrating the work of recent art school grads in Jordan. His artistic approach studies the possibility of allowing chance and imagination to take part in creating surreal scenes and juxtapositions.  

Varvara Nedilska, BA Illustration, OCAD University

Varvara Nedilska’s work has a fun yet creepy quality to them. Born in Kiev, she takes inspiration from folk and medieval art, as well as surrealist art movements. With a particular interest in narrative-based work, we can’t wait to see what she goes on to illustrate.

Jarrett Key, MFA Painting, RISD

Jarrett Key graduated from RISD moments before the Black Lives Matter gained a global platform. Their work is super timely as it grapples with narratives surrounding the Black community as well as social and economic issues. We’re sure we’re going to hear more about them, watch this space. 

Asma Derouiche, MFA Design, VCU Arts Qatar

Asma Derouiche’s work investigates the possibility of 100% Qatari handicrafts. She makes her work by collaborating with local artisans and working with available resources within the existing environment. A true designer for the 21st century!

Simone Carraro, BA Painting, Accademia Delle Belli Arti Venezia

Simone Carraro is fascinated by the symbolism of ancient beasts, which you’ll find running through his work. His work is also influenced by graphic and illustration, which he has transformed into posters and murals, calling himself an “illustrator and wallpainter”. 

Glory Samjolly, BA Fine Art, Wimbledon College Of Art

Critical of art history, Glory Samjolly’s work addresses how Black subjects have been underrepresented and misrepresented in European portraiture. A feminist and a figurative painter, she is also a visionary, with a desire to “engineer a collaborative community of intellecturals whom reproach both Eurocentric and patriarchal influences in the art-history curriculum.” We are certain we’ll be hearing more of her. 

Amrit Singh Sandhu, BFA Painting, Pratt Institute 

Amrit Singh Sandhu’s work revolves around memory, exploring how everyone has their own version of reality. Working in oil, she invents characters to reflect on her own thoughts about people and society. 

Job Claassen, BA Design, Design Academy Eindhoven

Job Claasen’s work has been described as having a dystopian vision of a near future in mind. His final work at Design Academy Eindhoven comprised a video that combined astrology with the commercialised traffic of the night sky. And, if he can see into the future, we definitely want to see more of his work! 

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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