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10 Arty ‘Grams That’ll Make You Want to Eat Your Veggies
Feast your eyes on these 10 arty ‘Grams.
Entertainment 16 Jan 2019

There are two types of people in the world: those who give up on their New Year’s resolutions on January 3, and those who are already perfect and have no need for resolutions in the first place.
If you’re in the second category, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. For one thing, you already eat all your daily servings of veggies, thank you very much. Plus, you too busy running a marathon while saving the manatees and finding the cure for cancer to read this article in the first place.
If, on the other hand, your goals for 2019 look more like cutting down your daily coffee consumption from 5 to 3 cups, putting on pants while the sun is still out on the weekends and making it through a container of spinach before it gets all wet and mushy, we’re here to help. Well, at least with that last one.
Feast your eyes on these 10 arty ‘Grams that’ll make you want to eat your veggies (and your fruit, and maybe even your whole grains and legumes!). We may be halfway through January, but it’s never too late for “New Year, new me.”
Isn’t it amazing what Martina Matencio can do with an apple core and a soft edit?
Gettin’ juicy with Martin Mae… *peach emoji*
Foam roller, midday snack or avant-garde photography prop? You choose! Photo by Cody Guilfoyle.
How many grapes can you balance on your eyeball? Also by Cody Guilfoyle.
Fun fact: many cacti are edible! But if getting poked in the face as you try to get your vitamins sounds a little intense, here are some strawberries instead, courtesy of Bárbara Lanzat.
Stephanie Sarley will make you want to eat your fruit… in more ways than one 😉 This is by far one of her more demure posts, but if you’re in the mood for something more, ah, tactile, check out her page for some fun fruit fingering videos.
Careful, there’s a 200% chance you’re going to move directly to a farm in the middle of nowhere after spending a couple minutes on Georgina Reid, a.k.a. The Plant Hunter’s tree-filled page.
Foam Amsterdam’s new exhibit, Feast for the Eyes, will be on until 3 March to remind you that all of life’s sorrows can be cured with a glass of hot water with lemon first thing in the morning. Pop in if you’re in the neighborhood! Peluquería by Ouka Leele, 1979, from Feast for the Eyes.
Don’t need a museum to tell me that a creamy, perfectly ripe avocado is a true masterpiece. Pictured: Avocado Pears by Paul Outerbridge Jr., 1936, from Foam Amsterdam’s Feast for the Eyes exhibit.  
Event flyer or art… who says a picture can’t be both? On December 22, FoamLab Amsterdam’s trainees held the event Food For Thought to inspire you to delve deeper into your plate… and I don’t mean inhaling your pizza in 3 seconds flat. But you can do that, too.

Correction: 17 January 2019 
An earlier version of this article did not identify that the last image, 10, was created by FoamLab, a separate program within Foam Amsterdam that offers a traineeship program for young creatives, to promote their December 22 event Food For Thought. The earlier version implied that the image was part of Foam Amsterdam’s Feast for the Eyes exhibit, but it is not. Titles and credits to the authors of picture 8 and 9 have also been added.
Text by Katya Lopatko 
Images via @organicamagazine, @codyguilfoyle, @barbaralanzat, @stephanie_sarley, @theplanthunter,  @foam_amsterdam, @foamlab

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