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10 Female Art World Mentors To Follow On IG
The ladies to follow to help you up your art game
Career 05 Jan 2021

It’s a new year, and we’re guessing you’re looking for some new inspiration? Need some art world tips from leading ladies? Well, have we got a treat for you! Here are ten art world mentors to follow on IG. From curators to educators, they have all the knowledge and wisdom to get you through 2021!

The White Pube @thewhitepube

Image via @thewhitepube

Zarina Muhammad and Gabrielle De La Puente write about the goings on in the art world without glossing over anything. Providing the real-talk you so desperately crave, they’ll shed light on important topics that are only just beginning to gain real attention in the art realm like race, class and inequality. On top of that, they also have a podcast where they give advice on things like funding and getting a job in the art world. And if all that wasn’t enough, they have a library of resources and writers grants too.

The Great Women Artists @thegreatwomenartists 

Image via @thegreatwomenartists

If you aren’t following the great women artists, where have you been?! Run by Katy Hessel, it is a one-stop shop for all your female art historical needs. Everyday Katy posts about women artists from past to present, from all over the world, and she also has an amazing podcast too!

Kylie Ying @kylieyingxoxo

Image via @kylieyingxoxo

Kylie Ying is an art collector, fashionista and co-founder of Shanghai’s ART021 art fair. Her posts show us everything we need to know about the contemporary art scene in China, giving us a glimpse into the world of the champion of emerging Chinese artists.  

Latina In Museums @latinainmuseums

Image via @latinainmuseums

Not only is Karen Vindangos on a mission to shed light on Latin American artists, she also works in social media at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. So, we can learn all about amazing artists we should have learnt about sooner, but also social media tips too. On top of that, Karen has also founded @latinxcurated, a look at museums through the lens of the Latinx community.

Ebony L. Haynes @ebotron

Image via @ebotron

Ebony L. Haynes made news in 2020 when it was announced that she will be the director of a David Zwirner gallery space with an all black staff. Not only is she at the forefront of much needed change in the art world, but she also has a pretty insightful IG account too. In addition, she also gives notice of the black art sessions which she hosts for black art students. 

Daria Borisova @punh

Image via @dariaborisova

London-based curator and art advisor Daria Borisova regularly posts amazing IG stories about important moments in modern art history that can be really helpful to anyone working in the contemporary art world. She’s also always at all the hottest openings, giving us inspo for our gallery hopping sessions. 

Mideast Art @mideastart 

Image via @mideastart

Mideast Art is run by Suzy Sikorski, a specialist at Christie’s in Dubai. Suzy’s incredible account educates her followers about modern and contemporary artists from the Arab world. During quarantine, she also documented the work that artists from the region were producing during a lockdown, a major resource for anyone interested in the MENA region. 

Gallery Gurls @gallerygurls 

Image via @gallerygurls

Jasmin Hernandez of Gallery Gurls is a writer who has been published by everyone from Elle to Paper. Her IG account promotes predominantly underrepresented voices in the art world, allowing us to discover the emerging artists we need to put on our radars. She’s also about to release a book called We Are Here, highlighting visionaries of colour transforming the art world!

Aindrea Emelife @aindrealondon 

Image via @aindrealondon

London girl Aindrea Emelife does it all: TV presenting, writing and curating, and she’s pretty good at all three. In 2020 she really came into her own, making her voice heard in the aftermath of the George Floyd tragedy and shedding a spotlight on black voices within the art world. 

Kate Bryan @katebryan_art

Image via @katebryan_art

Kate Bryan is the curator of collections at Soho House, an author and is also a judge on Sky’s Portrait Artist of the Year. Her IG account shows us insights into her enviable career, but in addition to that, she also posts videos of tips on everything from how to price an artwork, to how to hang art at home. 

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