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10 hacks to boost your productivity at work
How to avoid a burn out these days.
Art Girls Jungle 23 Jun 2020

Working in the art world is fast paced and multifaceted, leaving many to work to tight deadlines and multitask, which requires a huge deal of productivity.

Doesn’t matter if you are working in a studio or behind a desk in an office – follow these simple 10 steps to avoid burn out and boost your productivity at work now.

  1. Do the most important thing in the morning
    Don’t put off hard tasks, get them done in the morning to give yourself a boost of productivity.

  2. Focus on your progress
    Split up your to dos into small tasks you can progress through.

  3. Spend 30 minutes planning
    At the end of every day, take 30 minutes to plan and prioritize for tomorrow.

  4. Don’t multitask
    Go into deep work mode and focus on one task until it’s accomplished.

  5. Set routines
    Create a structured daily routine to follow during the week.

  6. De-clutter your workspace
    There is a lot to be said about how much organization and less “stuff” can decrease your anxiety, thereby increasing productivity. Having less clutter will help you think more clearly and waste less time searching for that misplaced document. Time for a spring clean!

  7. Treat yourself to motivate yourself
    When you incorporate rewards into your productivity system it helps train your brain to focus on goal-oriented tasks. A treat could be anything from a walk around the park, a nice cup of tea or a new pair of shoes!

  8. Enhance your communication skills
    Do you ever feel like people completely missed the point of your email? Or do you ever read an email and wonder what the person was multitasking on as they wrote it? Vague emails circulate the average office every day. The resulting misunderstandings and necessary clarifications waste time and frustrate people. By improving your communication, you will in turn boost your productivity.

  9. Get moving
    Exercise is not only important for the body; it is almost as important for your mental wellbeing. According to this article from Brain HQ, exercising has been shown to reduce stress hormones while also increasing growth factors in the brain necessary for new neuronal connections.

  10.  But do not over plan
    And finally do not over plan. Leave some free time in your daily schedule to spend however you want to avoid burnout.

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