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10 ways to be happier in your job
If you don’t love some aspects of your role, try encouraging yourself with some basic bribery.
Art Girls Jungle 16 Aug 2022

Working in the art world comes with inevitable ups and downs and a large amount of stress. Daily work stressors can be triggered by creative blocks, studio mishaps, through to pending deadlines and the looming pressure of how work will be received. This stress can cause a whole load of unhappiness in the work force, but it doesn’t have to be this way! More than ever, people aren’t just thinking of the money. They’re working for job fulfillment. Trust us, everything can truly change when you are in love with your job. You’ll be happier, more productive and in time more successful. But how does one reach the point of true work enlightenment?  Here are ten ways to achieve that career fulfillment that everyone strives for.


  • Quality over quantity
    It’s time to start focusing on quality over quantity. It’s so easy to get obsessed with quantifiers like the amount you earn, how many followers you’ve gained, how long you have been at the job and the hours you rack up per day. Instead focus and keep track of what you’ve done. Celebrate the small victories, and know that the larger accomplishments will soon come your way.
  • Listen to the feeling deep down
    When it comes to your career fulfillment, take a listen to what your gut instincts are telling you. Maybe what will make you happy won’t sound completely logical, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it.
  • Find a shoulder to lean on
    No one can do it alone, so it’s time to look for a mentor. In order to learn, learn from the best in order to be the best.  If there isn’t someone suitable a work look further a field. A mentor will not only help improve your job satisfaction, but also give you important career advice and emotional support.
  • Shake it up a bit and find your purpose
    In order to truly feel fulfilled, you need to figure out your purpose. This can be achieved by stepping out of that comfort zone and shaking it up a bit. Feeling like you’re not using your full potential, can lead to unhappiness at work. It can be easy to stay safe and comfortable in your daily routine, but that won’t push you to reach your full potential. Boredom will eventually kick in. Take on different projects or learn a set of new skills that will challenge you and make you work hard.
    Smiling can improve your happiness at work because it tells your brain to be more happy. This is thanks to the release of something called neuropeptides. Smiling is also contagious, so spread it around your work place and make your co-workers smile as well – cheese!

classical art memes

  • Give yourself fun rewards to boost your mood
    If you don’t love some aspects of your role, try encouraging yourself with some basic bribery. Think along the lines of: “If I finish this project, then I can binge on Netflix and a takeaway tonight.”
  • Create a Playlist to end all Playlists!
    Music can be a great way to improve your mood and productivity when you’re having a bad day. So create an awesome playlist to help you through.
  • Check out some memes
    When you need a little mood boost, there’s no shame in turning to the trusty internet for some laughs. Scroll through your favorite meme account. Type in cute puppies into google. Or do a good  ol’ Buzzfeed quiz. Just learn how to shut it down quickly when your boss walks past!”
  • Get some vitamin D
    Sometimes all it takes to boost your mood at work is a quick walk around the block, especially if it’s sunny!
  • Give your desk a makeover!
    Since you spend so much time at work, if you want to improve your happiness there, you should make your space more personal. Decorate your area as much as your company policy permits. This will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed.
And if all that doesn’t work, listen to that gut instinct – its time to move on. Leaving a job that makes you unhappy can be super important for your mental and emotional health. If you feel truly unhappy still after trying out our top ten tips, chances are it’s time to move on.

Text by
Peigi Mackillop
Images via classical art memes

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