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16 Women Ruling The Austrian Art Scene
The ladies at the top of the Austrian art game
Around the Globe 05 Oct 2020

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Austria is full of art and history. From Egon Schiele to Gustav Klimt and the Albertina to the Belvedere…it truly is an art world hotspot. And it’s not all about art history either, Austria has a lot to boast about in terms of contemporary art, not least via the viennacontemporary and Parallel Vienna fairs. But who are the women running the Austrian art scene? Well my friends, let us introduce you to our favourite ladies ruling the Austrian art scene!

Xenia Lesniewski, Artist @xenia_lesniewski


Xenia Lesniewski studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Hessen State University of Art and Design Offenbach and the Goethe University Frankfurt. Her work includes paintings, installations, collaborative projects, performative situations and interdisciplinary approaches. Her oeuvre moves at the interface of art and life as well as within the examination of current social developments and public space. Creative activism and contemporary discourse are Lesniewski’s main interests, as well as seamlessly embedding artistic interventions into the everyday environment. She is member of the female artists collective CLUB FORTUNA and founded the AINEX Kunstverein in 2018 with which she implemented a one-year exhibition programme on the economy of the present with international women artists at the kunstbuero Vienna in 2019. 

Johanna Chromik, Artistic Director viennacontemporary @johannachromik


Johanna Chromik is artistic director of Vienna Contemporary. She began her career at Galerie Eigen+Art, and has also worked at König Galerie and KOW in Berlin, moving to Vienna Contemporary in 2019. 

Eva Beresin, Artist @evaberesin


Painter Eva Beresin is a painter, as well as an author. Her book My Mother’s Diary features paintings alongside the diary her mother wrote in the days following her liberation from Auschwitz concentration camp. Her work was recently on view at viennacontemporary, and if that’s not enough, Kenny Schachter is a big fan!

Pia Sääf, Art PR @pia.sf


Pia Saaf is an Art PR who has experience working at all of Vienna’s top art institutions. After working at the Belvedere for several years, she now works at Museum Leopold as well as the renowned Horten collection. 

Angela Stief, Head Curator, Albertina Modern @angela_stief


Angela Stief has recently become head curator of the Vienna’s newly opened Albertina modern. She was previously curator at Kunsthalle Wien and curatorial advisor of Vienna Art Week. She also publishes regularly on contemporary art.

Lisa Kandlhofer, Gallerist @lisa_kandlhofer


Lisa Kandlhofer founded Galerie Kandlhofer in 2013. The gallery represents emerging Austrian as well as international artists, working across various different forms of media. Exhibited artists include Faye Wei Wei and Tali Lennox. 

Nina Gscheider, Collector and Founder of Segurio @ninagscheider


Nina Gscheider is the founder of Segurio, online insurance for high value objects. Following a degree in art history and archeology, Nina worked in fundraising and wound up in art insurance through her partner after finding a gap in the industry that prompted her to start Segurio, making it easy and uncomplicated for artists to insure their work. 

Barbara Moura, Artist @b_moura


Originally from Lisbon, painter Barbara Moura graduated from the National Film School of Portugal before studying at London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins. The main subjects of her works are vulnerability, feminism, sexuality and emotional struggles. Many of her paintings are often self-portraits. 

Katharina Abpurg, Art Advisory & Take This Waltz @katharinaabpurg


Katharina primarily works as an art advisor and private collection manager as well as for TAKE THIS WALTZ, a DMC and Austria’s first Experience Agency that has insider knowledge and close relationships with Vienna’s art and cultural scene. Working with exclusive travels to Vienna and Austria, VIP service, hospitality and guest management, Katharina used to be the Head of VIP relations at viennacontemporary, the city’s international art fair. Having worked for Sotheby’s and international galleries like König and Krinzinger, Katharina has a strong high end network and enjoys access to the most exclusive venues in town.

Nana Mandl, Artist @nana.mandl


Nana Mandl works between Cape Town and Vienna. Having received her diploma in fine arts from the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, she has had exhibitions across Austria, as well as in South Africa, Spain and Germany. In addition, she was the recipient of the Bildrecht Solo Award for the best solo booth presentation at viennacontemporary in 2018.

Georgia Creimer, Artist @georgiacreimer


Brazilian artist Georgia Creimer’s work has been featured in several exhibitions at important institutions including the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Mönchsberg and the Neue Galerie Graz, Universalmuseum Joanneum. Her work incorporates sculpture, public art, drawing and painting. 

Laura Windhager, Founder Gianni Manhattan, @giannimanhattan


Founder of Gianni Manhattan – which confusingly is in Vienna – Laura Windhager studied at Goldsmiths in London. Acting also as a publishing house, the gallery focuses on artists’ writings and screenings as well as exhibitions. Windhager founded the gallery in 2017 with the aim of providing a sustainable structure that encourages long-lasting relationships. 

Kerstin von Gabain, Artist @kerstinvongabain


Kerstin von Gabain is a Vienna based artist, born in Palo Alto, US. She works with various modes of appropriation, adapting subcultural practices or refashioning furniture and entire rooms resulting in analogies and unexpected moments. Working with photographs too, she tells stories of absurd situations. 

Judith Radlegger, Gallery Director at MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art @mariomauroner


Having first joined MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art as an intern, Judith Radlegger moved all the way up to director in just ten years. The gallery was established in 1972 and specializes in contemporary art with exhibition spaces in Vienna and Salzburg.

Mia Legenstein, Artist @mialegenstein


Mia Legenstein is both an artist and an arts professional, having worked on international VIP relations for viennacontemporary for the last 7 years. She also works as a DJ, model and artist (sound art, conceptual & transdisciplinary art). And, in addition to all that, she is founder of Cercle Libre (Association for Social Aesthetics). 

Corinne Rusch, Artist @corinnerusch


Corinne Rusch studied in Zurich and at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Her work, which is largely photographic, has been exhibited across the world and featured in numerous publications including Fotogalerie and Sotheby’s, Vienna  

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