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These Are the 12 Most Exciting Galleries Right Now
We listed new spaces to adore - from Pristina to Brussels
Art Stuff 04 Dec 2018
With almost the same galleries showing up at the major art fairs, one easily forgets all the amazing spaces out there. From Pristina to Brussels, from Rome to Shanghai – this are our recent digs while looking for the most amazings galleries that matter now and take care of emerging art around the globe.
Fanta, Milan

Fanta is a new independent art space born from the idea of three directors, Alessio Baldissera, Gloria de Risi and Alberto Zenere, which aim to give a new space to Milan, where they have been based for years, observing the scene. The space hosts exhibitions of very exciting and young artists, experimenting with various media, as well as plays host to other contemporary art related events.

Societe, Berlin

Run by Daniel Wichelhaus, Societe, is one of the most celebrated Berlin-based galleries for emerging art by international and upcoming artists – sold to global leading collections. As for what exactly the “Société” stands for, Wichelhaus explains the gallery got its name when he and Bülow were sitting around brainstorming and “we wanted something that said ‘brand,’ but that almost meant nothing.” It’s the perfect conceptual setting for the ghostly white bottles of Soylent at the fair, which he said collectors from around the world had dubbed “amazing.”

Stems, Brussels

Stems Gallery is a young emerging gallery based in Brussels. The gallery was opened in 2015 by brother and sister duo Pascaline and Guillaume Smets. Stems Gallery aims to promote young, emerging artists from the American art scene, especially New York and Los Angeles. These include Awol Erizku, Sarah Faux, Marie Vic and, Mario Ayala. The gallery participates in many international art fairs, including Art Brussels, Independent NY, Nada Miami, Sunday Art Fair and MiArt. Pascaline Smets also runs, Brussels and Luxembourg based concept store, SMETS.

Frutta, Rome

20181204_gallertists_Frutta_theartgorgeousIn 2012, the Scottish-born art dealer James Gardner opened his gallery, Frutta, in Rome. A mere six years later he also opened a second space in Glasgow, his hometown.
Being asked why,Gardner states that “It’s also interesting in terms of geography. Both Roma and Glasgow are somewhat on the geographical edge of Europe—that is, they parenthesize Central Europe and in that sense their independence makes [it] interesting.”

Antenna Space, Shanghai

Antenna Space was founded by Simon Wang in 2013 in Shanghai – located in the cities M50 art hub. The diverse artists on the gallery’s roster include Guan Xiao (known for her conceptual videos and installations), conceptual artist Nadim Abbas, and painters Allison Katz, Xinyi Cheng, and Cui Jie, among others. While their practices and backgrounds are varied, most of the artists are relatively young and are becoming increasingly well known in China and abroad, being lifted by Wang into global collections and institutions.

Nova Contemporary, Bangkok

Tucked in a unique space in the heart of Bangkok, this sleek and minimal white cube is being run by Sutima Sucharitakul, who opened Nova Contemporary after living in London and New York. The gallery specializes in contemporary art, exhibiting the work of both Thai and international artists, as well as offering educational talks from well- established artists and collectors.

Balice Hertling, Paris

Balice Hertling was founded in Paris in 2007 by Daniele Balice and Alexander Hertling. Balice Hertling was one of the first galleries to open in the district of Belleville, where they used to share a space with the collective of artists, curators and writers known as Castillo/Corrales. In 2009, Balice Hertling relocated to a space of their own in the same neighborhood. Since its earliest stages, the gallery program has focused on the emerging scene, both locally and internationally. In 2017, Balice Hertling opened a new ground-floor gallery space mere blocks from the Centre Pompidou. With the expansion and focus on their new location in Paris, Balice Hertling will still maintain their former space in Belleville as a platform for curated projects and exhibitions by artists who are not necessarily represented by the gallery

Galerie Raster, Warsaw

The Raster Gallery is among the pioneers and leaders of the Central European contemporary art market, and one of the world’s most recognizable galleries from Poland.
For over ten years the gallery has maintained a significant presence on the international art scene, while striving to support and develop Warsaw’s local art scene.
The Raster Gallery was founded as an extension of existing projects initiated by two art critics, Łukasz Gorczyca and Michał Kaczyński – namely, the Raster art magazine and the Naświetlarnia (meaning: Exposure Room) garage gallery.

Bombon Projects, Barcelona

“Bombon Projects is a contemporary art gallery in Barcelona that senses the light in a foggy and stormy sky, and determinedly heads towards it. This journey, worthy of a great Romantic painting, is shared with a group of national and international artists.” – from Bombon Projects Webpage and we couldn’t have described it better, so why should we even bother.

VI, VII,, Oslo

VI, VII was founded by artist and writer Esperanza Rosales in 2012. Over the past five years, VI, VII has exhibited the work of numerous international artists, with most of the currently represented positions being under the age of 35. The gallery’s name—pronounced “sixes and sevens”—comes from a British idiom describing a state of recklessness, confusion, or disarray, embodying the spirit of risk and the refusal of conventions that guides the gallery’s program.

The Unit, London

Unit London was born from a determination to overcome the barriers of elitism and to facilitate a stronger discourse between artists and audiences around the world.
Unit London is committed to generating mass engagement with the most exciting, talented and culturally-relevant artists of our time. Using new technologies and pioneering approaches to digital media, the gallery is recognised for diversifying and expanding contemporary art audiences.

LambdaLamdaLambda, Pristina

Located in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, LambdaLambdaLambda is an exciting art space that brings a brand new perspective to the sometimes dusty art world. Being set up by two Viennese curators, Isabella Ritter and Katharina Schendl, the unusual location has come with challenges: “Things work completely differently than in Western places. Here, we don’t have any market.” But creativity can grow best when not being forced to by external sales pressure – free from classical constraints.

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