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21 Fashion Icons in the Art World
Fashion and art have had a long history as bedfellows—after all, an expertly constructed dress or ...
Entertainment 06 Sep 2017

Fashion and art have had a long history as bedfellows—after all, an expertly constructed dress or an over-the-top handbag is truly a kind of wearable art—but that’s not the real reason we love watching what all the pretty art world birds wear around town. We watch the artists and designers because what they put on their bodies is a reflection of their rich, impressive interior lives and ultimately, their creative processes. We watch the gallerists and dealers because like people who resemble their pets, their sartorial sensibilities are often amusingly in keeping with their artistic preferences. We watch the polished women at the auction houses and art fairs in the hopes of one day being able to imitate that level of grace, elegance and poise under pressure. These 21 women have caught our eye over the years because they make an art, not a science, of getting dressed. These are the women whose clothes have something to say, and it’s something interesting. But it never overpowers the person wearing them, and to us, that’s style.

Sutima “Junko”
Sucharitakul Billed as Bangkok’s most promising young art dealer, Nova Contemporary founder Sucharitakul only wears alluring black power suits or tailored dresses paired with a black blazer. It’s professional, commanding, and quietly feminine.

Britta Thie
Berlin-based digital artist Britta Thie is both a guest professor and an occasional model, though her wardrobe reflects decidedly more of the latter. Think norm-core classics, chunky footwear and the occasional girly dress. Oh, and there’s also her flowing strawberry blonde hair and enviable bone structure to round the whole package out.

Andi Potamkin
Art and design consultant Andi Potamkin is married to renowned hair stylist Jordan Blackmore, so she obviously has insane hair (that changes from blonde to brunette and long to short on the reg), but how she maintains her incredible boho-glam wardrobe is beyond us. Also? Don’t–we repeat, don’t–look at the photos from her colour-coded mountain nuptials unless you want to feel seriously jealous.

Diana D’Arenberg
Even if you don’t know Diana D’Arenberg’s name, you’ve likely seen her byline in places like Harper’s Bazaar or the South China Morning Post. With Marilyn Monroe-inspired blonde hair, red lips and a manicured, old school glam vibe, her style never misses a beat. Did we mention she’s also famous for her spectacular, over-the-top Halloween ensembles?

Mashonda Tifrere
Form-fitting dresses and fun prints are the key components of curator, singer and   philanthropist (and former wife of Swizz Beatz) Mashonda Tifrere’s wardrobe. The New York-based founder of the ArtLeadHER organisation knows how to dress up for any occasion, thanks to her love for detailed embroidery, glam satin dresses and punctuating outfits with a sleek leather jacket.
Look_Award_theartgorgeous6Zoë Buckman
London-born, New York-based artist Zoë Buckman manages the perfect mix of British insouciance and New York polish, with touches like gold bamboo hoops that make each look all her own. We’ve never observed anyone else who can rock Chanel with the same level of cool as vintage band tee, and that’s why we love her.

Cindy Rachofsky
If you haven’t heard the name Rachofsky, you obviously don’t know your art collec-tors. Cindy and her husband Howard maintain one of Dallas’s premiere collections, brimming with the likes of Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Richard Prince, and her impeccable taste shines through in her wardrobe as well. Like any art world stalwart, she knows her way around an all-black ensemble, but she can pull off a bold pattern like nobody’s business.

Look_Award_theartgorgeous8Michaela de Pury
We’ll always admire Michaela de Pury’s ability to make pop-inspired pieces, like a rainbow shift or nude fishnets, look totally fresh and modern. The de Pury & de Pury co-founder (the other de Pury is her auctioneer husband, Simon) has an extensive wardrobe that allows her to seamlessly transition from ‘60s mod to ‘70s glam in the blink of an eye.

Anouska Beckwith
Her evening dresses are just as pictur- esque as her photographs reminiscent of Pre-Raphaelites, whether she wears a golden-brown dress with floral em-broidery or a pastel green ensemble. Take it from Beckwith, to finish off any outfit, add a splash of red lipstick for an extra wow factor.

Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo
Not only does she own one of the most influential private art museums in Europe along with a seriously impressive art collection, but Sandretto Re Rebaudengo is also the owner of an inimitable collection of costume jewellery. She pairs these artful accessories with bold, monochrome suits custom tailored in Turino.
Look_Award_theartgorgeous10Milo Moiré
Milo Moiré’s personal style is not dissimilar from her art: imposing, arresting and impossible to ignore. While her controversial nude perfor-mances at Art Basel and Art Cologne prove that the clothes don’t make the woman, we think her outspoken confidence and fearless attitude are enough to pull off any outfit–or none at all.
Valeria Napoleone
If you hate trends and prefer to dress to suit your taste, take Valeria Napoleone as your unconventional muse. The respected collector is not the one to follow the latest styles. Her arty, librarian-with-an-edge aesthetic means platform shoes, palazzo pants, sweeping skirts, starched colours, knee socks and bold pops of colour.
Pari Ehsan
Pari Ehsan may be the most stylish girl in the art world. After all, it’s kind of her job to be. The art-meets-fashion blogger and influencer has taken the art scene by storm with her clever combinations of couture and canvas. Her 207k Instagram followers (and counting) appreciate her ability to pull off any and every look, from coolly minimalist to larger than life.
Look_Award_theartgorgeous13Andrea Mary Marshall
Artist and photographer Andrea Mary Marshall’s model good looks make her a frequent subject of her own work, but IRL she prefers tough girl staples, like leather jackets and worn-in tees to the theatrical glam looks she often takes on in her photos. We think she’s a total icon either way.
Chen Man
Photographer and creative director Chen Man has captured everyone from Rihanna to Victoria Beckham for the likes of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, so obviously her style game is on point. Her look is sleek and monochrome with an eye towards comfort when she’s behind the lens and a flare for drama when she’s in front of it.
Her body is her canvas! Pandemonia has become an icon at art fairs and fashion events, not only because she is 7ft tall and made entirely out of latex, but also because of her bright red, blue and yellow choice of accessories and voluminous hair. We’re telling you, good hair upkeep is vital!
Lisa Pomares
“Casual femininity” is the best way to describe model-turned-gallerist Lisa Pomares’s style. Like most interestingly dressed women, she’s never afraid to mix high and low, dressy and sporty, and masculine and feminine, a look that’s layered and all her own. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s drop dead gorgeous.
Kylie Ying
As part of the rising generation of high rollers in Shanghai, model-turned-art collector and ART021 co-founder Kylie Ying has an innate eye for high fashion and haute couture. Her style epitomises elegance, thanks to ultra-feminine silhouettes in cream, dusty rose and millennial pink with refined details and killer accessories.
Maria Elena Rudolf
As the vice president of Art Stage Singapore, Maria Elena Rudolf rubs elbows with a lot of international art VIPs, and she always looks the part, thanks to tailored sheaths, kicky accessories and a fondness for bright colours.

Tony Gum
This South African goddess knows good style and how to make it her own. The Adidas shoe addict adores sportswear, loose sweaters and tees, while maintaining a Wes Anderson-inspired colour palette. For Gum, con-sistency in colour and pattern are key!

Elise Mesner
To look at photographer, stylist, painter and Jill-of-all-trades Elise Mesner’s Instagram is to be awe-struck by her particular brand of expertly curated cheer. So obviously, her wardrobe is punctuated by feminine shapes, offbeat accessories and plenty of colour.
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