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22 The Art World’s Most Dapper (Part I)
These Gentlemen Make the Art Scene Even More Enjoyable...
Entertainment 14 Sep 2017

These Gentlemen Make the Art Scene Even More Enjoyable.
While we’re occasionally guilty of spending more time ogling our fellow gallery-goers, outfits than the works on the walls, it’s rare that we’re bowled over by what men are wearing (Sorry, men!). After all, even in the art world, men’s fashion is often significantly more subdued than women’s – another reason why it’s fun to be a female. But we’ve handpicked 22 guys who aren’t afraid to stand out in a sea of bland suits – in fact, many of them would probably rather be rocking, for example, a purple shiny one, or one rendered in blue seersucker. Or perhaps, they eschew the suit entirely, opting instead for a well-worn leather jacket. Whatever their personal style mantra is, these dapper (and charming) dudes light up every room they walk into with their snappy attire, quick wit, and undeniable talent.
Loic Gouzer
The Christie’s contemporary art specialist has been credited with the recent rise of curated art auctions, a shift that has made the auction scene all the more interesting to observe. He’s also dashingly handsome, incredibly friendly, and is rumored to have once had a flirtation with January Jones. So, yeah, it doesn’t get much more debonair than this.

04thelookaward_theartgorgeousCK Swett
CK Swett is a new breed of auctioneer, one with a slightly more manic charisma and a decidedly out-of-the-box sense of style that includes long hair, blue hipster glasses, and bold, printed suits. He’d look just as natural walking down the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as he does commanding a crowd of big spenders, and that’s why we love him.


Li Songsong
Whether he’s rendering a bodybuilder or Chinese politician, Li infuses a unique energy into his patterned, monochrome canvases. Plus, his signature close-cropped hair once landed him in Chinese GQ, and his dimples alone make it worth trying to catch a glimpse of him on the way  to his studio in Beijing’s  798 district, or perhaps at one of his many openings at Pace Gallery, where it’s not unlikely you’ll be competing with the likes of Li Xin or Wendi Murdoch for his attention.

Emmanuel Perrotin
Galerie Perrotin, founder and owner Emmanuel Perrotin, embodies the dapper art dealer style with slicked-back hair, perfectly-tailored suits, and a seemingly advanced understanding of the power of the jeans-and-a-sportcoat look. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a man who’s been selling art since he was 24.

Haas Brothers
If you’ve been to a design fair, it’s likely you’ve spotted one of the Haas Brothers’ furry, claw-footed chairs, and footstools. While their works resemble some kind of fantastical animal kingdom, their personal style is a lot more laid-back. The pair favor skinny ties, shirts in prints like leopard and plaid, and an overall aesthetic that verges towards that of a very crush-worthy boy band.

Kevin Poon
Hong Kong-based fashion designer, entrepreneur, collector, and jack-of-all-trades Kevin Poon has collaborated with everyone from Nike to Coach, organized a music festival curated by Pharrell, and helped Kanye plan the Hong Kong leg of his ‘Touch the Sky’ tour. As a co-founder of the streetwear brand CLOT, his personal style is both playful and cool, and his art collection, which boasts the likes of Jose Parla, Daniel Arsham, and Sterling Ruby, is much the same.

Art advisor and curator, Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi, made his name as the curator of George Michael and Kenny Goss’s Goss-Michael Foundation, and now works with clients that include Ferragamo and Queen Rania of Jordan. His personal style is, of course, just as classic as his client list, thanks to the sleek suits, an affinity for bowties, and copious, calculated pops of color.

Lawrence van Hagen
23-year-old art dealer, advisor, and curator, Lawrence Van Hagen, lives between Paris and London, championing up-and-coming artists like Zane Lewis and Flavie Audi, as well as trading in big names, like Warhol and Basquiat. With a long, tousled mane of hair, and a cool, irreverent sense of style, that translates into rumpled button downs worn sans tie and sporty sneakers paired with skinny jeans, he’s taking the art world by storm, despite his young age.

Thomas Girst
Dr. Thomas Girst heads up BMW’s cultural engagement department, which pretty much sounds like a dream job for any artistically-inclined dude. He’s responsible for brand partnerships with the Guggenheim and the Tate, and for tapping artists like Cao Fei to participate in the iconic “Art Car” project. Needless to say, Girst has a smashing sense of style, not to mention an impeccably manicured beard. 

Philip Colbert
British artist and fashion designer Philip Colbert loves a good art historical reference – especially when it’s transformed into, say, a sequinned mini dress. Obviously, the man behind a Warhol-inspired banana gown and a wearable replica of Duchamp’s Fountain is going to have personal style in spades, and Colbert does not disappoint. He owns a suit in every kitschy print you could dream up (eggs, crabs, lips, and even Gumby) and often pairs them with accessories like a Snoopy baseball cap. Love is not a strong enough word.

Michael Xufu Huang
Michael Xufu Huang made headlines, when, as a 22-year-old student at UPenn, he co-founded a contemporary art museum in Beijing. Since then, we’ve watched him come to dominate the international art world party circuit, always dressed to the nines (the man’s never met a jewel-toned suit he couldn’t rock), and is always seen hanging with the next generation of art world power players.

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