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A Girl Gaze on This Week`s Auction Lots
These pieces are worth to get your paddles ready.
Art Stuff 24 Nov 2018

Girls we are just right at the auction weekend in Hong Kong and while for most of you, that is quite a journey away, we picked our  “Female Gaze” favourites from the weekend sales.
While with KAWS, Jonas Wood and the big Chinese guys, there are the usual suspects up for auction, too – we picked the ladies bids just for you and hope you are ready for some hot lots waiting for you.

1. Takashi Murakami & Virgil Abloh

For art world beginners, this is a safe bet to start with: a handbag is being turned into a “sculpture” by the art world`s hottest duo, Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton`s Creative Director of Louis Vuitton men`s wear, Virgil Abloh.
In signal red with a white splash of color, it is only executed (and resold after a few months) this year, but who would mind this piece in a fashionista`s home?

2. Hans J. Wegner

This beautiful and rare “New Papa Bear” Armchair by Hans J. Wegner, is the perfect piece for a little bit of Me-time during a Sunday morning read of the weekend journals while sipping on a matcha latteIt`s the furniture version of a boyfriend jeans. Just make sure, your better half (or your cat) doesn’t occupy this gem before you do.

3. Andy Warhol



Apart from the fact, that we all love shoes and it is a Warhol (at least a screen print), the caption totally had us: “Screenprint with diamond dust”. We are pretty sure, Carrie Bradshaw would have raised her paddle straight away.

4. Lee Kit

Lip Therapy with Vaseline
Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 20.34.30
One of the few HKG based established artists, Lee Kit, is the creator of “Lip Therapy: Vaseline”, dipped in pink. Not only is this piece a good reminder to take good care of your winter skin this season, but also can you call it “conceptual” and sound pretty smart when you guide some friends through your apartment next time.

5. Liu Ye

Reading Girl

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 20.32.56

This is a bit more about understatement and slightly advanced, but hey, we are all smart… In soft and quiet color shades that remind us of a Jil Sander palette, “Reading Girl” is a dreamy one. By Chinese artist, Liu Ye, who also shows at Fondazione Prada, Shanghai these days, it is a future classic.

6. Yoshimoto Nara

Performance with Garbage Bag

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 20.32.18

This is the silly one: “Performing with a garbage bag on the street” by the one and only Nara, is not only so cute too look at but also a fun little reminder to not go with the flow everyday but act weird every once in a while. DM us, once you got the bid and even more, keep us posted on the results of your own little garbage performance.

Images via Christies, Phillips


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