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36 Women Building the Future With Positive Vibes Only
Meet Team Happy
Feature 30 Jun 2020

The world of 2020 is kind of really unpleasant. We all are trying hard to stay afloat and sometimes it`s incredibly hard to stay motivated and keep things going. Does that feeling sound familiar?

Well, there is not too much we can do but be assured we all feel you. Checking the bios of those ladies might help to restore your trust in the fact that good things actually can happen.

These 36 ladies turned their good vibes into a splendid career and pick your favourite muses to set new goals…

Meet “Team Happy”:

Lara Bohinc 

Lara Bohinc founded her design studio right out of college. Since then she has been a consultant for major luxury brands including Montblanc, Gucci and Cartier.

Sara Ricciardi

Sara Ricciardi is an interior designer and art director, who has worked with high-end fashion brands and luxury hotels. She also creates projects for galleries and is part of the Ladies’ Room Collective.

Sarah Staudinger

@staud @staud.clothing
Sarah Staudinger is the woman behind Staud clothing, a range made to empower women. She is most famous for designing jumpsuits and is a champion of overalls for the art world.

Leaf Greener

Formerly a senior fashion editor at Greener is one of China’s top fashion influencers. Also working as a stylist, Leaf has her own mobile magazine on WeChat.

Justina Blakeney

@justinablakeney @thejungalow
Artist and designer Justine Blakeney is the brains behind The Jungalow, a webstore that sells homeware, art and plants. An advocate of homes covered in green, she has created a mix between a bungalow and a jungle.

Ambra Medda

Ambra Medda is the co-founder of Design Miami. She has also held positions at Christie’s and is the co-founder of e-commerce design site L’ArcoBaleno as well as her own design consultancy.

Lucille Moreau

Lucille Moreau is the head of culture, inuence
and digital at Evian. Valuing collaborations – which have included pairings with Virgil Abloh – she looks at how to add value to a brand.

JJ Martin

JJ Martin is an L.A. native, former fashion editor and founder (as well as chief spiritual ocer) of La Double J. e Milanese-based women’s wear brand’s signature use of vintage prints for its bold and colourful designs has led to recent collabs including a make-over of Sotheby’s London premises as well as a limited capsule with Aqua di Parma. Her IG feed grants instant happiness through her bright smile, honest posts and her adorable pug, Pepper.

Neri Oxman

Not just an artist, Neri Oxman is also a professor at the MIT Media Lab. Her work combines art with design, biology and computing and has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art and Boston’s Museum of Science.

Bo Lu

Bo Lu is the product design lead at Pinterest. With experience working as a designer for Apple and the Gap, she works with design to make the user experience as easy as possible.

Yoon Ambush

Yoon Ambush is the brains behind cult jewellery brand Ambush, famous for heavy chains and statement pieces. She is also the jewellery designer for Dior Men.

Claire Beermann

Style director of Zeit magazine, Claire Beermann is also a contributor to fashion favourite Manrepeller, and runs her own fashion site C’est Clairette too.

Susan Alexandra

Jewellery and handbag designer Susan Alexandra now makes clothes too. Famous for her use of beads and sparkle, Susan Alexandra’s designs pack a huge fun factor.

Marina Olsen and Karolina Dankow

@i_can_be_your_father_figure @karmainternational
Marina Olsen and Karolina Dankow founded Karma International Zurich in 2008 as a not-for-profit space. The gallery is now commercial and has expanded to a second space.

Katie Stout

Katie Stout is an artist and designer who creates work full of humour. Her work has been on show at the Whitney Biennial and Design Miami, and she has also collaborated with Jeremy Scott.

Kay Hsu

Kay Hsu is head of product at Instagram, working on brand and digital strategy. She’s also worked for Facebook, and is currently showing the world how to succeed in your career while battling cancer.

Mona Chalabi

This British journalist, writer, illustrator and producer of Iraqi descent advocates the importance of data journalism. Before she became a journalist, Mona worked with large data sets in jobs at the Bank of England, Transparency International and the International Organization for Migration. Last but not least, she’s one half of the team that created the Emmy-nominated video series Vagina Dispatches. And she presented and produced the audio experiment Strange Bird.

Carine Magescas

Carine Magescas is an entrepreneur, artist and start-up investor. She is the founder of AngelPad, a seed-stage accelerator program that has launched over 150 companies.

ES Devlin

Artist and stage designer Es Devlin fuses music, language and light. She has worked with some of the biggest names in music, designing sets for Beyoncé, Kanye West and Adele.


Artist, photographer and model Arvida Byström started out on Tumblr. Famous for her online presence and photographs exploring the female gaze, she has also published a book about Instagram censorship.

Emilie Helmstedt

@online_mis @helmstedt_
Emilie Helmstedt debuted Helmstedt’s first collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2018. The brand has an ecological outlook, with Emilie hand painting every print herself.

Jessica Lanyadoo

Jessica Lanyadoo is an astrologer and psychic. She writes weekly horoscopes, hosts the Ghost of a Podcast and is the resident astrologer for Girlboss.

Julie Tuyet Curtiss

Artist Julie Tuyet Curtiss mixes humour with the grotesque. With paintings covered in gnarled fingers and big hair, she is best known as a millennial artist attracting half a million dollars at auction.

Laura Breiling

Illustrator Laura Breiling has made work for The New York Times, Nike and Google. Her colourful works often comment on feminism, gender and politics.

Florence Given

Florence AKA Floss Given is a London-based artist and writer. She’s a champion of equality and feminism, highlighting social issues around sexuality. She is also a big influencer on Instagram.

Sabine Marcelis

Sabine Marcelis and her eponymous design studio find unexpected magic within materiality and manufacturing processes. Her clients have included Celine and Isabel Marant and she has exhibited worldwide.

Sara R. Radin

Sara Radin is a writer based in Brooklyn, New York whose work mostly focuses on topics relating to culture, mental health, identity and environmentalism.

Hari Nef

Hari Nef is an actress, model and activist. She is famous for speaking about trans issues, and was the first openly transgender model to sign with IMG Models.

Sara Ferron Cima

Sara Ferron Cima co-founded Bloc Studios in Carrara in 2014 with the vision of working with marble that re-thinks functional design from industrial excess. The brand transforms natural stones into everyday objects.

Laura Windhager

Laura Windhager founded Vienna’s Gianni Manhattan in 2017. Acting also as a publishing house, the gallery focuses on artists’ writings and screenings as well as exhibitions.

Yixi Chen

@yixi_q @chemistcreations
Yixi Chen is the founder of Chemist Creations, a company that provides production services for brands and artists. She is also the founder of C2H4, a fashion label inspired by science.

Tschabalala Self

Tschabalala Self is a multimedia artist famous for her depictions of black women. Subverting stereotypes, she creates alternative narratives around the black body.

Mira Mikati

Mira Mikati puts the fun into fashion. Having launched her brand in 2015, she has since filled our wardrobes with rainbows and emojis, inserting a smile into the very often serious fashion world.

Jordan Casteel

Jordan Casteel is a painter sometimes known as the Matisse of Harlem. Her art explores sexuality, humanity and identity, working to expose her own vision of people of colour.

Jingna Zhang

Jingna Zhang is a photographer and director famous for weaving Asian aesthetics with Western art, bringing her unique vision to fashion and fine art photography.

text by Lizzy Vartanian Collier

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