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4 Magic Spells for NYE To Boost Your Art Career
To kick off 2021 with a little bit of extra sparkle
Art Stuff 29 Dec 2020

Spells for the New Year
Welcome to 2020! In order to cope within another year in the art world, I decided to share with you some spells that could charm your art life.
Even though most of us probably celebrated New Year’s Eve in our pajamas, we still should take advantage of this beginning, to set up new goals and manifestations. The last year has been difficult for everyone, and the future is more uncertain that ever. For this year, besides making the classic New Year’s resolutions list, you should really try the following spells to add some extra sparkle to your life and career!

Before starting any of the rituals, the creation of a sacred place is crucial. Make sure to choose a quiet and warm place, which should allow you to be alone and comfortable. Even though some of the incantations are taking place online and are performed just by using your fingertips and mobile phone, you should still follow these instructions. Wear something that makes you feel nice, and we are ready to start!

Spell number 1:

In this confusing and stressful time, managing anxiety and fear for the future can be quite difficult. With this empowerment spell, I show you a way to banish those, and get yourself a fresh beginning.
What you will need: an empty USD stick, and a white candle
Open a word document and write down facts that make you nervous about the upcoming year. Situations that might drag you down, or fears that you have. While you write them, keep a gap between every letter. When you feel that your ‘text’ is finished, save the document and transfer it to a USB stick. If you think that some pictures also illustrate the things you wrote, add them to.
When you’re done, pull it out and put it on a table. Right next to it light up a white candle, which represents purification and cleansing. Keep it burning for at least two hours as a way to release everything written inside the usb stick. After you finish with the chant, delete the content.

Spell number 2:

A purifying spell for a fresh start in the art world
Performing day: Friday ruled by Venus. Location: your bedroom. What you will need: seven rose petals, drawstring bag, jasmine and rose oil, a small glass bottle.
Think of seven things you would like to achieve this year. If you are an artist, try to put ideas for new works down, or if you are any kind of art professional think of your dream job, a collaboration, a grant etc. Now try to find a physical space in the room, for each one of them. Mark the spots with rose petals. When the petals are dry, collect them and place them inside a drawstring bag. Keep the bag close to you for 1 day. At the end of the day, smash the petals and blend them with some rose and jasmine oil.
Put the potion inside a small secured glass, and then store it underneath your bed.
Whenever a negative voice raises, use this portion to banish it. Remember the ingredients and how you influence yourself and the people around you.

Spell number 3:

Make a wish for the New Year
What you need: a piece of paper and a lighter, when to perform: 28 of January
On the first full Moon of 2021, think of something you would really like to happen. Art exhibition? An event that you would really like to take place? A new job? Start your own collection or, work as a freelancer?
It could be anything, but you should try to make the statement as specific and short as possible. After you make up your decision, grab a piece of paper and repeat the wish you desire until it fills up the entire page. Then, fold it till it becomes a small square, and before going to bed show it to the full moon in order to charge it. Place it under your pillow, and think of your wish. When you wake up burn the paper immediately.

Spell number 4:

An emoji sigil for Art Protection (emoji sigil)
In order to cast this spell, you just need your mobile phone.
The first step is to manifest your goal. For example, it could be for finding a gallery to represent you, to boost your motivation, to connect with other art professionals, to bring positivity in your practice, or for more creative ideas.
After determining the intention, you have to start and end your emoji spell with a circle of protection. This usually consists of a circle around us made of salt, but in this occasion we will use the circle, and salt emoji. Once you have it, think of your statement again and try to find the right components. For example, my online spell brings me an acceptance letter from an art residency. My components here are:
an online spell, art world, residency. So what I am going to do is to find the symbols that represent these ingredients.
Of course there is no limit in the number of the emojis you want to use, but make sure that the message is clear. The last step, in order to activate and spread your spell is to share it through your social media, it could be an instagram story, a facebook, or a tumblr post. You can also send it around people you would like to share it with.

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