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5 Unstoppable Art It-Women Over 70 Who Never Go Out Of Style
We name our 5 Art It-Women Over 70 who are still going strong, continuing to make an impact in the a...
Art Girls Jungle 01 Sep 2016

Age is really nothing but a number. These five women listed below, have only gotten better with age, continuously surprising and inspiring us. For decades, they have had a significant impact on the art world, altering its evolution and making their mark in art history indefinitely. Despite being over 70, it has not impeded on their creativity, continuing to innovate, produce, and collect art.
Here are our top 5 idols who repeatedly amaze us, empowering women everywhere!
1. Iris Apfel
Iris Apfel_theartgorgeous
Age: 95
Trademark style: big black-rimmed glasses, red lipstick, whimsical jewellery
This absolute fashion icon has recently turned 95 this year and is still going strong. Apfel’s strong character and sense of style with her thick black-rimmed glasses and red lipstick is unparalleled. She is the ultimate fashion guru when it comes to expressing one’s individuality through clothes. To everyone’s joy, the American businesswoman will have her own clothing line in collaboration with Macy’s in the US. On top of that, she will have her very own emoji, highlighting her bold red pearl necklace, her glasses and silver hair.
2. Yayoi Kusama
Age: 87
Trademark style: Red bob hair
All hail, the Polka Dot Queen! Kusama has had a prolific career and her artworks never go out of style. Having partnered with major luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton only peaked her stardom. Her red bob hair has become her style icon and so have her polka dot dresses. The artist is currently enjoying a significant travelling retrospective, recounting 7 decades worth of art! Kicking off at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington in 2017, it is scheduled to travel to Seattle, Los Angeles, Ontario, and Cleveland.
3. Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono-Theartgorgeous
Age: 83
Trademark Style: Black top hat and round black glasses
This woman wears many hats as a multimedia artist, singer, songwriter and as a peace activist. Yet, her most trademark style is the black top hat or fedora, paired with round black glasses. Classic. The octogenarian legend is still involved in many projects and shows no signs of slowing down. Since 2003, she has had 12 No 1s on the Billboard Dance Club Songs. Additionally, Yoko has had two major retrospectives. One of them is still taking place in Argentina at MALBA. To top it off, she is experiencing a career Renaissance as her only permanent work “Sky Landing” will be installed in September in Chicago.
4. Agnes Gund
Agnes Gund_theartgorgeous
Age: 78
Trademark style: Broach

The art collector and philanthropist has nurtured many careers over the past decades, named today as “Art’s Grande Dame.” At the age of 78, she is unwearied and still engaged in the world of art. Currently, Gund is a member of approximately 20 boards and committees. What is more, she strives to support female artists’ position in the artworld by inspiring curators to exhibit lesser-known women artists from other countries.
5. Ingvild Goetz
Age: 75
Trademark Style: Power suit
A power suit for a powerful woman: Goetz is the owner of one of the leading private art museums in Europe, the Sammlung Goetz. It houses an extensive art collection of contemporary art with several thousands of artworks. Her long-standing career in the arts, from founding a publishing studio in the late 60s, to launching a gallery in the 70s, to focusing wholeheartedly on collecting art since the 80s, has led her to become an acknowledged authority in the field of contemporary and emerging art.
Photos via: The fashion hub; telegraph; blouinartinfo, widewalls; and nytimes

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