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5 Badass Artists That Won't Get Any Gifts This X-Mas
It’s still unknown how Santa will treat the following cheeky -by choice or not- artists..
Art Girls Jungle 15 Dec 2016

Intentionally or not, many artists’ creations tend to be controversial; either to amuse, trigger the attention or simply shock their audience. This year it’s still unknown how Santa will treat the following cheeky -by choice or not- artists. Here is the shortlist of the 5 badass artists who probably won’t get any gifts this X’mas!

1. Anthea Hamilton


Hamilton is considered to be one of the most controversial emerging British artists, well known internationally for his nomination to the prestigious Turner Prize 2016. Although he didn’t win, his giant 16ft sexually provocative sculpture, Project for Door, was probably the most popular nomination among this year’s shortlisted candidates. What was about? Simply, two hands clutching a bare bum. I guess, Santa will think twice whether he will send him a generous present this Christmas.

2. Christian Rosa


The Brazil-born and Vienna-raised abstract painter has been critically acclaimed for his elegant abstract paintings that have been regularly exhibited in the most reputable high-end galleries, such as the White Cube. This year though, he featured Pamela Anderson on the cover of a magazine in which the semi-undressed famous bombshell celebrity shows off her sex appeal in hot poses taken by Rosa’s selfie stick. Let’s hope that Santa will sympathize this photo shooting’s anti-pornography message and will send his gifts to Rosa once again this year.


3. Andres Serrano


Death, religion, violence and sex matters were presented at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium this year. “Some images may be disturbing” warns the audience, which is about to be confronted by an upsetting reality. Will Santa forgive the American artist for such a show though? I do hope someone has already sent the press release to the North Pole for a fairer judgement.


4. Richard Prince


Stealing Instagram posts from a wide number of young women and then selling them for some good money is a great infamous story of a badass artist. Prince seems not to be worried about copyright issues and other negative comments as he still concentrates on this type of appropriation. He keeps supporting his unrepentant work ethic regardless the consequences.  What does Santa say about that though? I am sure Prince doesn’t really care!


5. Kanye West at Blum & Poe gallery


The Los-Angeles based gallery hosted Kanye West’s controversial installation Famous for a two-night viewing. Anna Wintour, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian as well as Rihanna were among the twelve silicon nude celebrities sleeping in bed. Of course, West didn’t have their permission to include them in this art project. Backing up West’s creation, the gallerist Tim Blum highlighted that this is “a serious piece of art”.  Let’s assume it is; will Santa be convinced…?


Image via Getty,Vogue, Solar magazine, Galerie Nathalie Obadia Paris/Brussels, Andres Serrano, Business Insider

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