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5 Astrologically Incompatible Art World Power Couples Who Made Their Mark
...who may or may not have lasted...
Art Stuff 09 Apr 2018

The first rule of astrology is to stick to your element – if you’re a fire sign like a Leo, you’re best off matched up with sibling signs Aries and Sagittarius. But not everyone plays by the rules. And sometimes, not playing it safe is the most fun part of life. Some of the most bizarre couplings of the art world have been astrologically incompatible, but they’ve changed the face of performance art, photography and painting. Here are the top five astrologically incompatible art world power couples who may or may not have lasted, but at least made their mark.


Jeff Koons (Capricorn) and Ilona Staller (Sagittarius)

This stable earth sign hooked up with a fiery Sagg and sparks flew for their short marriage, which lasted from 1991-1994. Who can forget the photo shoot, the artist’s Made in Heaven series? Some claim they were the greatest couple of all time. La Cicciolina, Staller’s stage name for her erotic films, was a stellar co-star to light up his photo series. After being a candidate for Italy’s green party in 1979, then founding the Love Party, let’s hope she returns to the spotlight.


Christo (Gemini) and Jeanne-Claude (Gemini)

Born on the same day (June 13, 1935), Jeanne-Claude was born in Morocco and Christo was born in Bulgaria. They met in Paris in 1958 and started working together shortly after Christo painted Jeanne-Claude’s mother. Their love lasted until 2009, when Jeanne-Claude passed away from a brain aneurysm. Christo still continues to make work under both of their names.


Marina Abramovic (Sagittarius) and Ulay (Sagittarius)

The famed Serbian art couple who changed performance art in the 1970s with their co-authored works have had a tumultuous time breaking up and making up (recently as friends). After putting a lawsuit behind them for unpaid fees for Ulay’s part of the works, this duo, both badass Sagittarians, have loved and lost but moved on and are on speaking terms after 20 years of silence. Sagittarians are not known to hold grudges, anyhow.

 23rd August 1953: Married American painters Jackson Pollock (1912 - 1956) and Lee Krasner (1908 - 1984) enter the barn door of their studio 'The Springs' in East Hampton, New York. (Photo by Tony Vaccaro/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Jackson Pollock (Aquarius) and Lee Krasner (Scorpio)

The Scorpio gets the shit end of the stick in this combination, as we all know Pollock was cheating on Krasner with famed art collector Peggy Guggenheim. But the intellectual prowess between this air-water zodiac couple kept Pollock and Krasner – both brilliant painters – together through thick and thin. Krasner stayed with him to the end and was widowed when Pollock dies. Today, their love lives on in a different form, as the Pollock Krasner Foundation offers financial assistance to visual artists in need.


Charles Saatchi (Gemini) and Nigella Lawson (Capricorn)

Air and water are not really an ideal mix, astrologically speaking. The famed art collector Charles Saatchi, a Gemini, married grounded Capricorn, the TV host, celebrity chef and cookbook author Nigella Lawson, for 12 years. That is, until the paparazzi photographed Saatchi being aggressive with Lawson at a London restaurant shortly after their breakup. They haven’t been spotted together since.

Text by Nadja Sayej
Photos via Amusechristojeanneclaude.netart new news, Christie’s and Getty Images

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