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5 Steps That Will Help You Successfully Secure A Raise
Because I'm worth it!
Art Girls Jungle 11 Jul 2023


Being a woman in the art world is expensive. But a large proportion of the salaries out there often don’t reflect the flamboyant lifestyle that comes with it. The term “struggling artist” really does apply to most of the art world, not just artists but curators, researchers and a whole host of other roles too. Look at the steps Anna Delvey took to keep up. But we are not suggesting you become a con artist to get what you want. There is a more simple and morally correct approach to becoming a bit more financially comfortable. And how do you do that you ask? Just ask for a raise! However asking for an increased salary is always a delicate and extremely awkward subject to approach. The thought of it sends most people into a panicked frenzy. But it’s a question you will have to ask at some point in your career if you want to increase your earnings and become the girl boss you always dreamt you would become. So, here’s everything you need to know before asking.
1. Timing is everything
Asking for a raise doesn’t mean you are greedy. It is a perfectly normal question. The best time to ask for a raise is when you are starting to contribute to your company at a higher level than when your salary was last set. Some companies will revisit your salary every year on their own, often tied to performance reviews or inflation. So, factor in your company’s raise and budget cycles. If your boss hasn’t brought this up when your yearly review is due though, then it’s definitely time to take charge and approach the subject on your own. Generally speaking a year is a good time to ask, unless you are going above and beyond your job duties before then.
2. Don’t ask when moral is low – positive vibes only!
Be emotionally intelligent about your timing, by tuning into the energy in the office. Your manager is a human with feelings too. So, don’t bust into the office when your manager seems to be having a busy day or moral is low. Likewise, if you are having a dreadful day. Mondays are probably not ideal. If you know the company has been having some financial woes, then that is another bad time to ask. On the flip side, ask when you have just hit a target, scored some new business or if your manager has been particularly pleased with your progress.
3. Because I’m worth it!
Before the meeting, think carefully how to prepare. Know what your work is worth before you ask for more money. A great way to do so is by researching online by looking on salary websites. Also talk to co-workers, former colleagues, recruiters and friends. But remember to phrase your questions carefully – earnings are usually a delicate subject to approach.
4. Chill, don’t make it too personal
Don’t overthink what to say in your meeting, it should be brief and to the point. It shouldn’t be an hour long PowerPoint presentation including word art and gifs. You do want to cover why you think you have earned a raise though – when and how your responsibilities and the level of your contributions have increased. Before heading into the meeting also have a figure in mind. The figure will need to be focused on your work accomplishments, not your personal finance woes.The fact that your rent has increased or you can’t afford the latest Celine handbag has nothing to do with your job worth. The reasons for your raise should stick to business only – the contributions you’ve made and your value to your employer.
5. And if the answer is a BIG FAT NO?
Your boss will most probably not be able to say a firm yes in the meeting. If the answer is maybe, make sure you are clear on the next steps to take and follow up. If the answer is no, ask why. A good manager will be able to give you a fair explanation and tell you how you can earn more in the future. And if you are not happy with the explanation or you are unwilling to follow the steps suggested to get that raise, it may be time to look elsewhere.
Good Luck! You got this girl.
Text by Peigi Mackillop
All image via Every Outfit on Sex & the City Instagram

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