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7 bad habits to avoid while you WFH
At first working from home seemed like a dream!
Career 04 Aug 2020

At first working from home seemed like a dream! However, working from home can come with a very particular set of challenges, which many of us are now facing during lockdown. The danger of becoming too comfortable in your home and losing your productivity is all too real. There can also be quite a lot of disturbances which can cause a great deal of distraction to the workflow. So, setting yourself some rules will help you get the job done well.

Sleeping in or staying up late might seem exciting at first. But erratic sleep habits, such as going to bed at different times, and getting irregular amounts of sleep each night can link problems such as anxiety, loss of concentration, stress, among others. This is why maintaining a regular sleep schedule is really important when you work from home.

The sofa may seem very tempting, but it won’t be great for your posture or productivity. So, make a space in your home that is only for work. That way you can separate work and your relaxing time to ensure you are in the right ‘zone’.

The TV can be the biggest distraction while working from home. We often fail to realise how 5 minutes of your favourite Netflix show can become 5 hours, so don’t even be tempted to have it on – even in the background.

Just because you can wear your pyjamas all day while working from home, doesn’t mean you should. Although you are working from home, try and keep to the same habits as you would go while you are going to work. Wake up at the same time, shower and put on some clothes that you won’t feel ashamed of if your boss wants an impromptu zoom call.  

It is easy to forget to take a lunchbreak while you work from home. Allowing yourself an hour a day to take a breather will do wonders for your productivity. To optimize your lunchbreak avoid eating where you work and head outside to stretch legs away from a screen.

Meaningful, face-to-face interactions can be an important part of staying connected and help you keen sane. That can be tricky however during lockdown, so stay connected via video calls and keep in regular contact with your colleagues using technology.

One of the hardest things to do while you work from home is stop working. Do you really have to reply to that email you received at 9.30 am on a Sunday morning? Learn to give yourself a break and unplug from technology once in a while, even if it’s just for a few hours a week to avoid burn out.

All images via Bam Bam Madame : Branding, Creative Consultancy & Art Direction for independent luxury brands with purpose by @thisiskierablack

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