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7 Celebrities Who Are Also Photographers
Here are seven you might have not know...
Entertainment 06 Oct 2018

When we think of celebrities, red carpet shots come to mind. But some actors, rock stars and models are also photographers themselves, when they’re not working in the spotlight. Here are seven you might have not know, but you too can collect their work.

Patti Smith

The New York punk icon who was married to Robert Mapplethorpe is a master of black and white still life photography, she actually got her camera from Wim Wenders. She hates using flash and sticks to analogue.

Tim Roth

Despite being an actor for several Quentin Tarantino films, iconic director Francis Ford Coppola published his pics in his literary magazine Zoetrope in 2007.

Drew Carey

The famed 1990s comedian, best known for his sitcom, The Drew Carey Show, he has a background working as a press photographer at soccer games. He worked under the pseudonym, Brooks Parkenridge. Who knew?

Michael Stipe

The R.E.M. singer started taking pictures as a teen and made a photo book called “Two Times Intro: On the Road with Patti Smith” before becoming a rock star himself. He recently returned back to photography with his new book “Volume 1,” which is a photo diary of the musician’s life.

Helena Christensen

She is one of the world’s best known supermodels in the 1990s, but recently, she prefers to go behind the camera lens. She has shot fashion shoots for ELLE and Marie Claire, and her first solo exhibition “People and Portraits” was at London’s Proud Central Gallery in 2003.

Viggo Mortensen

While we might know him for his role in the Lord of the Rings films, the famed Danish-American actor is also an accomplished photographer. He ha also created a publishing house called Perceval Press to help other artists publish their works.

Lenny Kravitz

His mother took a photo of Martin Luther King Jr giving a speech, which is what sparked the rock to develop a love for photography. When Kravitz showed his photo work to the French fashion photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino, he decided to show his work to the public. He has shown at Art Basel and has an ongoing collaboration with Leica.

Text by Nadja Sayej
Photos via Amazon, TMDb, huffingtonpost, pinterest, complex, IMDb

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