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7 Museums Perfect For A Millennial Audience
Because we want more than just paintings on walls
Around the Globe 17 Sep 2020

Museums are great, right? After months stuck in doors, many of us have been dying to get back to swanning around huge rooms covered in priceless works of art. But, no matter how much we love a trip to the museum, we can’t help but admit that the standard model of paintings on walls is getting a bit tired. While these institutions have been popular for hundreds of years, we’re open to trying something new. We live in an age of social media and technology and as such, our attention spans are (unfortunately), much more limited than our ancestors. So, where should we go? Well my friends, here are 7 museums that are absolutely perfect for millennials!


With premises in Stockholm, New York and Tallinn, Fotografiska is the world’s largest photography museum. Founded in 2010, the museums showcase photographers at all stages of their career, as well as creating spaces for lectures and community, with a mission to inspire a more conscious world. And, unlike traditional museums, Fotografiska’s exhibitions are developed directly with the artists, estates, collections and galleries with which it works. In addition, the museums pride themselves with their restaurants, sourcing food locally, sustainable and with minimal waste.

Museum of Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? That’s right, no-one! The Museum of Ice Cream has been an Instagram hit since day one, and it’s not hard to see why. With its millennial friendly pink colour scheme and candy coloured fun, it screams 2020. With locations in NYC and San Francisco, the museums operate as experiences that guarantee fun for visitors of any age. With the aim of inspiring human connection through the universal power of ice cream, how can it go wrong?!

Sloomoo Institute

This one is another perfect outing for grown-up kids! Broadway’s Sloomoo Institute celebrates all things slime. Whether you like it because you’re into ASMR, or you simply like playing with goo, this is the place for you! With activities for kids and adults alike, it’s probably the perfect stress reliever for times like these. And, better still, they have some pretty enticing merch for you to take home too. Poop-inspired slime anyone? Surely this could only attract millennials!

Nxt Museum

Having only just opened in Amsterdam, Nxt Museum is the first museum in the Netherlands dedicated to new media art. The museum focuses on art that uses modern tools to embody modern times and is a specially designed space complete with the technical possibilities to allow creatives to bring their visions to life. 

MUCA Munich

MUCA in Munich is dedicated to urban art. The museum showcases the young art form of street art, and also provides platforms for in and outdoor art projects. The museum is working to ensure that street art establishes itself within art discourse and art history.

Team Lab’s Borderless

Team Lab shows are always booked up within minutes. As millennials, we’re obsessed with light. Not just shiny things, but the backlights on our phones and laptops too. But Team Lab makes that light pretty, and any opportunity to delve a little further and we’re totally in! Their permanent Borderless exhibition in Tokyo is on the top of many bucket lists. It’s a museum without a map or boundaries so that you can completely immerse yourself in light!

Museum Of Broken Relationships

Here’s one for the broken-hearted romantics…A new take on heartbreak, Zagreb’s Museum Of Broken Relationships is a public space created with the purpose of treasuring and sharing stories of heartbreak, as well as the symbolic possessions that accompany them. It is a museum about “you, about us, about the ways we love and lose.” And, while it seems kinda sad, we kinda love it too. Typical, overemotional millennials eh?! 

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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