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8 Art Works That Will Help You Survive A Busy Day In The Office
When we all need a little bit of light relief
Career 15 Jun 2021

Sometimes we all just need a little bit of humour to help us get through a busy day in the office. Luckily for us, art history has been making us chuckle long before memes were even invented. So, let us hand it over to the greats of art history to make you smile when everything is getting a bit too much in the office.

When You’re Psyching Yourself Up For The Day: Morning Sun, Edward Hopper, 1952

Image via @blackcat_nancy

We all do it. That deep breath first thing in the morning to get us ready for the day ahead. Some days we need to dig a little bit deeper than others, but don’t worry art squad, we’ve got this!

That Face You’re Secretly Making At Your Boss Behind Their Back: Youth Making A Face, Adriaen Brouwer, 1632-1635

Image via @rosterart

Will that one annoying client simply not leave you alone? Is your boss being more demanding than usual? This is the perfect artwork for you!

Planning Your Escape Route: Escaping Criticism, Pere Borrell del Caso, 1874

Image via @hist.delarte

We’ve all been dying to get back to the office but now a lot of us are wondering why we were so desperate to return. This one’s for everyone planning their escape plan.

When Your Work Wife Comes To The Rescue: James Sant, A Thorn Amidst Roses, 1887

Image via @kuriozasztuki

Where would we be without our work family? That’s right, nowhere! Sometimes we just need our work wife to hold her hands. 

When You’d Rather Be At Home: Helen Of Troy, Frederick Sandys, 1867

Image via @mysteriousartcentury

Some days are just not our days. But that doesn’t mean the next day won’t be better! When you’re having a down moment, just remember that brighter days lie ahead. We promise!

When You’ve Lost The Will To Live: Study after Velázquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X, Francis Bacon, 1953

Image via @gavin_cleary

This painting perfectly describes how we feel when we’re screaming on the inside, but trying to play it cool on the outside. 

When You’re Plotting Against Your Boss: L.H.O.O.Q, Marcel Duchamp, 1964

Image via @mattiadelucagallery

For those moments where you feel like you need to get your boss back for being so annoying all of the time. 

Post Work Exhaustion: Jove Decadent, Ramon Casas, 1899

Image via @octopodart

That moment when the work day is over and you can’t physically move. We all know the feeling.

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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