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8 Artworks That Feel Like a Hug From Your Bestie
we need to get our fix of serotonin somehow.
Career 07 Dec 2021

Now that the long, cold winter nights are upon us, we might not be socialising as much as we did in the summer, we need to get our fix of serotonin somehow.

Just like there are some songs that give you a warm fuzzy feeling, we believe that there are artworks that can give you that too.

Especially with new lockdowns and social distancing policies coming and going, it’s natural for many of us to be anxious about when we’ll next get to cuddle up to our loved ones.

We’ve collected together 8 artworks that are a good substitute for that hug from your bestie. The works come from artists across the globe, from the past and present. Some works show those kinds of BFF interactions literally, others just give off the right vibe.

Takashi Murakami: Flower Ball

Image: Artsy

Murakami’s works burst with vibrant colour and smiling faces that reminds us of the sudden happy rush of seeing your pal for the first time in a while.

Wassily Kandinsky: Several Circles

Image: Wikipedia

The atmospheric floating circles of this Kandinsky work are so comforting and peaceful, just like meeting up with your oldest friend – that one that knows everything about you and it doesn’t matter if you don’t get every day, you’re always thick as thieves.

Hassan Hajjaj: Kesh Angels

Image: The New Yorker

We love this photograph of total girl-group goals. Hajjaj’s subjects are always so well-dressed, full of sass, and completely what we want for our besties.

John Singer Sargent: Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose

Image: Wikipedia

The glowing lights of Sargent’s masterwork give us the warm feeling of the end of an evening with our besties. Just that moment when everyone’s about to finish their last glass of wine before leaving, when you just take in how great life is.

Joy Lambinjo: Love Me Like You Do

Image: Joy Lambinjo

We love how joyous Joy Lambinjo’s portraits are, and her gorgeous pallette makes it impossible to not have a smile on your face. They’re really like a happy embrace.

Frederic Leighton: The Music Lesson

Image: Wikipedia

Is your mum your BFF? Same. This painting by Leighton is such a beautiful, gentle depiction of cozying up with your mama.

Pauline Boty: Colour Her Gone

Image: Art UK

The smile in this work is so infectious, it reminds us of fun days out with the girls. This is pre-cocktails, maybe on the way to bottomless brunch.

Claude Monet: The Japanese Bridge

Image: Wikipedia

Monet’s work has such a calm but also positive vibe. The tranquility and sunniness of this landscape really is a great substitute for when you’re missing your squad.

Author: Verity Babbs

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