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9 Outfits For Every Art World Occasion
Because the art world is basically a fashion show
Art x Style 08 Jan 2020

The art world is a very social space full of parties, galas and private views. But, it is also a place of auction houses and studio visits, meaning that there a multiple dress codes to navigate. Unfortunately, that two-piece suit your wore for a morning meeting with your boss might not look so chic at the gala you’re attending tomorrow night. But, fear not my good friends, we’ve sorted you out with what to wear for every art world occasion. 
For The Art World Interview
8 angelina
The art world is known for being less stuffy than most professions, but still, when you’re turning up for an interview at your dream gallery or auction house, it’s best to dress to impress. You can’t go wrong with a classic, well-tailored suit. A string of pearls doesn’t hurt either. 
For A Busy Day Sweet-Talking Clients
9 cameron
When trying to get clients to do what you want, it’s best to go for a smart casual look. That way you don’t give off an air of extravagance, but they also know that you mean business. Tailored pants, a leather jacket and a plain white tee are a good way to go.
For The Artist Visit
10 Jennifer
Studio visits tend to be a casual affair, so there’s no need to stress out too much about your outfit. Casual is key, but also bear in mind that you may be walking into a messy environment covered in plaster and paint, so it’s best to leave your Jimmy Choo’s at home for this one.
For The Private View
11 victoria
While private views sound glamorous, they’re usually pretty low-key. If you feel like dressing up, don’t go overboard. It’s good to limit yourself to one glitzy piece of clothing or accessory. 
For A Long Day In The Studio
13 britney
For those days when you know that nobody is going to bother you (and if they do dare to knock, you’ll pretend you’re not in anyway), take comfort in wearing whatever the f*ck you want!
For The Plane Ride To The Art Fair
14 cindy
If you think it’s fine to travel in sweats and a hoody, think again. You have no idea who you might bump into at the airport. The art world tends to travel en masse to biennials and art fairs, so you shouldn’t be shocked if you run into your frenemy at duty free. So, for your next airport journey, channel practical sophistication. 
For That Date With An Art Boy
15 monica
Wear something that will draw your art hunk to you, be sexy but don’t go overboard. You don’t want him to think you’re trying too hard, and you want him to focus on you, not your clothes. Think classic, with a twist, like this fabulous Versace number. 
For When You Want To Trick Your Parents Into Believing You’re Actually Making Money
16 penelope
Nothing screams success like blow-dried hair, lots of perfume and a gleaming white smile. Mommy and Daddy are often hard to fool, but you can fake it with the little things. Make sure your clothes have been ironed, they’re clean, and most importantly, don’t be late for family lunch. 
For The Fancy Art Gala
17 salma
The art gala is the one time of year when you can really go all out and nobody will talk bad about you. Want to wear a big red dress? Go for it. A tiara? Why not. Go hard or go home my friends. 
Image via @90scelebvibes
Text Lizzy Vartanian

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