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9 Ways to Deal With Stress at the Gallery
How to not be haunted by your flooded inbox.
Career 23 Aug 2022

With projects piling up, emails flooding your inbox, and an ever-growing to-do list, each day can be quite overwhelming. With below thoughts and hacks, you might be able to keep your stress levels low:

Use Your Stress—Don’t Run From It
As long as stress is under control, you can actually benefit from stress. Use it to push yourself to be better—beat that deadline you have by two days, strive to make your latest project even better than the last, or go out and ask for that promotion you know you deserve. Channel your stress in a positive direction and you’ll be able to achieve so much more.

Know When to Take a Break
If you’re working eight hours a day (and let’s not talk about art fair weeks here), you need to take some breaks. That means stepping away from the gallery (or booth)—no working while eating meaning no sushi in front of your screen—and going to the break room for a drink of water. Ideally, take a five-minute break every hour.

Have a Hobby
If you’re the type of go-getter who always needs something to do, taking breaks might be a little harder for you than for other people. In this case, having something small and non-work-related to do can help you de-stress, just think of a passion for healthy bowls, soul cycling or learning French.

Manage Your Time
When you’re at the studio or gallery, time management is essential. Ideally set up daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists and prioritize your work accordingly.Good time management is essential to avoid too much stress.

Exercise During (And Outside Of) Work
Try to use part of your lunch break to take a walk outside or sign up for a lunch class at the yoga center at the next block. Alternatively watch an online breathing class or do some exercise to stretch your neck.

Make Friends at Work
There’s plenty of research to support the claim that having friends at work is good for you. Being friends with your coworkers gives you a built-in support system at the office – every heard of a work-wife? That means you have someone to lean on when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Stay Positive
When you’re feeling really stressed, remind yourself of the things that you enjoy about your job. Even on days, where it’s hard to identify those positive aspects. Maybe you can reward yourself once your work is completed e.g.. with a creamy matcha latte or when you achieve certain goals.

Keep a Stress Journal
Even it sounds a bit odd at first, keeping a stress journal can help you in multiple ways. First, it’s a good way for you to let off some steam without causing any drama. Also it can help you keep track of what triggers your stress attacks

Leave Your Work at Work
Well, not too much needs to be added here. Hopefully you are not that type of person receiving 10pm or 5.30am emails from your boss. Others than that, try to finish at work what needs to be done and don’t take too many tasks back home for the next day.

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