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A Fashion Art Week History
A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture
Entertainment 28 Jan 2022

While you stalk all about Kanye West’s new girlfriend, this is what happened this week, obviously full of all the ups and downs that this week’s fashion week is giving us.

1. Goodbye to the dream world of Thierry Mugler

These last weeks the world of fashion does not stop losing its pillars like Virgil Abloh in November 2021; Nino Cerruti, the forerunner of men’s ready-to-wear, last week; the iconic stylist and historical Vogue editor André Leon Talley three days later—, just before midnight on Sunday, the death of Thierry Mugler was announced at the age of 73. Mugler who gave women the possibility of dressing like heroines and since the 80s with eccentric retro-futuristic silhouettes almost women out of comics a kind of empowered heroine in beautiful Mugler silhouettes.

Throughout his career as a designer, but especially during his heyday spanning the 1980s and 1990s, Mugler bridged the gap between fetish aesthetics and Haute Couture, creating an imposing and powerful woman protected by huge shoulder pads, a glamazon, as he himself coined, that appealed to an elegant, modern and glamorous urban woman with a fondness for latex and vinyl.

Born in Strasbourg in 1948, Mugler studied at the École des Beaux-Arts and was part of the city’s opera ballet. At age 20 he moved to Paris and, in 1973, he created his own brand, Café de Paris, before founding the Thierry Mugler company a year later.

His parades were characterized by theatricality in its maximum splendor, entering a dream world one of its kind with a duration of almost an hour, his characters of androgynous silhouettes conquered divas like Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and even Kim Kardashian for the MetGala event.

2. Kenzo returns to star with a new star Nigo

Yes, we couldn’t miss the explosive debut of Nigo at the Men Fashion Week in Paris 2022.Very early on Sunday, he presented his first collection for the king of red flowers, Kenzo.Obviously part of the media boom was taken by Kayne West and his new West girl, Julia Fox, although the celebrities were dressed in Schiaparelli, they were present to support the start of the new stage of his friend Nigo whom, in a generous gesture, offered for all the guests a new blanket with the red and white logo, which most people needed in a frozen Paris morning.

Nigo and Kenzo Takada share the same cultural language of synthesis between Japanese and Western clothing traditions and, above all, the same attitude towards fashion: everything you see on a catwalk must be worn in real life”, emphasizes the house in the declaration of intentions of the show.

Full of poetry, intuitively approaching the identity of the brand, Nigo added a preppy street style to the Men and Women collection and was able to give a unique visual identity. Nigo at Kenzo: Good catch!

3. Carlota Casiraghi + Xavier Veilhan = Channel world

Hey stop! It’s her again?? and on a horse!!! Ok, we can not say that Hermes is the only brand to use dream horses, because this time it was Channel and with its most fashionable jockey, a unique icon that unintentionally always makes us dream of Grace Kelly, I named Carlota Casiraghi.

Channel presented an ethereal lightness, the models have danced -almost floating- down the catwalk in a staging created by Xavier Veilhan in the Grand Palais Éphémère. Clearly inspired by the equine world, the Maison wanted to embody the harmonies between horse and rider.

I will not deny that the project designed by Xavier Veilhan is simply architectural poetry that knew how to integrate all the elements in an aesthetic and luxury line between art and fashion.

The artist based himself on pre-designed and built podiums, giving it a new use and making it eco-friendly, which were adapted to the silhouettes presented in this collection to give a valuable harmony.

4. Art Basel Paris

Welcome Swiss friends. This news simply shocked me but I read a lot of complimentary and positive comments from the news and it will surely give an unexpected boost to the French art market, yes sir! Art Basel Paris is a new reality!!!

Art Basel has been selected to organize the new modern and contemporary art fair in Paris, in the prestigious setting of the Grand Palais, for a period of seven years. What a great successor to FIAC. Let’s hope now there will be 7 marvelous and prosperous years for the French art market and it is with great enthusiasm that I say Welcome!!!”.

The new project will start next fall for our usual beloved october art week in Paris.

Text Sophia Thowinsson

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