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Advanced Stylers – Learning From the Most Stylish 60+ Art & Fashion Ladies
People try to find their own style. But in fact fast-fashion and social media blogs do not make it e...
Art Girls Jungle 17 Aug 2017

People try to find their own style. But in fact fast-fashion and social media blogs do not make it easy for us. Being spoilt for choice is more a luxury problem but since the way a person is dressed can express his/her personality it should not be undervalued. It starts at a young age, some want to look like blogger-stars, some want to provoke and others want laminate. But in the end one thing is clear: style has not too much to do with money or beauty. We want to broaden our perspective and learn from those who are far more experienced than a Jenner, a Hadid and even Gosha. So let us introduce the most fashionable over 60 fashion-icons from the art and fashion scene and their style:

1. Iris Apfel

This incredible person is somehow the oracle of the fashion business. With 95 years she can look back on an unprecedented career in the fashion and design business. Born in New York as the only child of a jewish business man and a Russian boutique owner she studied art history at NYU and got her first job at Women’s Wear Daily. Later she worked for interior designer Elinor Johnson and illustrator Robert Goodman.
IrisApfel_theartgorgeous1948 she married Carl Apfel, with whom she ran the textile firm Old World Weavers until 1992. Through her business she began travelling all over the world and she started buying pieces of non-Western designers and artisanal clothes, which she wore to high-society events. Her personal trademark: striking oversized glasses in black (sometimes red). According to Apfel, great personal style is about knowing yourself, staying curious and maintaining a sense of humor. In April 2015 a documentary about her life, hit theaters. Her style is a mix of colors, glamorous accesoires like fur capes and always a lot of jewellery. She is definitely not following the slogan – less is more!
So what we learn from Iris, breaking the rules can sometimes help and makes fashion more fun.

01 IrisApfel_theartgorgeous

Linda Rodin, Founder of @RODINoliolusso
01LindaRodin_theartgorgeous.jpgOften called the most fashionable 60-something Linda Rodin is also an icon in the world of fashion. She exemplifies aging elegance and female business sense. One of her beauty secrets, she revealed in an interview with VOGUE, is her habit of eating: she eats the same thing every day, organic lettuce with organic avocados and an organic hard-boiled egg after starting the day with a cup of cappucino. Another beauty secret, she remained loyal to is her mascara, since she was 14 she uses Maybelline mascara. On her instagram account you can see at first sight who is the “love of her life”. Winks her poodle is the actual star of this page. Linda combines classic styles like cashmere cardigans and silk blouses with contemporary fashion like jeans with flounces and rough leather boots. What we learn from Linda: have favorites, it ‘s worth it to stick to old things proven.


3. Lyn Slater

01Lyn Slater_theartgorgeousHer haircut is iconic and she (almost) never leaves the house without a pair of statement earrings. The 63-year-old fashion blogger (besides she is also a university professor and social worker) has over 230k followers on instagram and fills her feed with modelesque snaps of herself. Her outfit: on one day minimalistic all-black/white styling, on another day we see her in graphic Moschino trousers with sculptural high-heels. She switches smoothly from sporty to elegant and wears well-known designers just like newcomers. What we can learn from Lyn: Age is nothing but a number, there are no boundaries in fashion.

Lyn Slater_theartgorgeous.jpg

4. Sarah Jane Adams

Sarah Jane Adams_theartgorgeousShe is the newcomer of the 60-plus Fashionista-Crew. Only three years ago she started her instagram page to promote her jewellery business. Her daughter reposted the photo with the hashtag “My mother’s cooler than me” and “Advanced style”, thereupon even Adidas payed attention and posted the picture using the hashtag “Originality is timeless”. The way she dresses expresses her creativity, always colorful and comfortable with a touch of folklore. She never wears a bra, she says, because there isn’t one small enough and she is a strict opponent of plastic surgery. When she buys clothes she cuts the tags off, she does not want to have any scales or tape measures restricting her freedom and her body sensation. What we can learn from Sarah: Body consciousness is not related to sizes, being healthy and happy is more important.
01Sarah Jane Adams_theartgorgeous.jpg

5. Daphne Selfe

DaphneSelfe_theartgorgeousDaphne Sefle is the worlds oldest supermodel and is often seen in magazines like VOGUE and on the Paris catwalks. A mane of silver hair, long neck, high cheekbones, bright, lively eyes, we could go on and on describing the 83’s beauty. She still poses in underwear and showing off her ageless elegancy. A photo of her wearing the conical Jean Paul Gaultier bra caused a big uproar. Star photographer Perou took the picture for a Oxfam’s Big Bra Hunt and it took her some effort, “I am not that brave, but what the hell, it was all for a good cause”, she admitted. What we learn from from Daphne: Sexappeal comes by nature, but also by courage.

02 DaphneSelfe_theartgorgeous

6. Carmen Dell Orefice

Carmen Dell'Orefice_theartgorgeousCarmen is the embodiment of a Grande Dame. Her gracefulness and elegance is beyond controversy. Already at the age of 15 she was on the cover of VOGUE and since these days she has been modeling very successfully. After growing up in poor circumstances and three bitter divorces later she still follows her daily motto: Enjoy yourself, at no-ones else’s expense. Besides her career in fashion business, Carmen was seen in some movies and TV series. Her style can be easily described in one word: perfection. Her white hair is always impeccably arranged and you would never see her in a jogging suit.
What we learn from Carmen: Money is not the only way to look like high-class, just pretend!

02Carmen Dell'Orefice_theartgorgeous

7. Maye Musk
MayeMusk_theartgorgeousWhy weren’t we surprised when we found out that she is the mother of multi-talented, world-famous workaholic Elon Musk. The family lived in South Africa and has Canadian roots. As a young woman her modeling career started slowly, only in 2011 she appeared nude with a fake pregnant belly on the cover of the New York magazine for a health issue and in 2012 she was on the cover of ELLE Canada. As she runs her own business as an educated dietician and is involved in several charity projects she knows how to dress properly but at once maintaining a certain coolness. What we learn from Maye: Business-Looks are not mandatory grey and prosy.
02 MayeMusk_theartgorgeous

8. Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle a.k.a. Baddy Winkle

01BaddieWinkle_THEARTGORGEOUSShe is the grandmother maybe all of us wish for (some may be scared of this thpught at the same time) and no doubt – she is the coolest babe on instagram. Almost 5 years ago she created her famous account with her tag line: “Stealing Your Man Since 1928” which is now followed by 3,1 Mio. people, inter alia by Miley and Rihanna. Pink swimsuits, rainbow colored, striped sweaters and a preference for eccentric trash clothes, this is how she presents herself. Baddie promotes the legalization of medical marijuana and likes suggestive posing, she seems to live the fantastic life of some twenty-year old partying all day with a joint in one hand and a drink in the other. What we learn from Baddie: Life is a party and fashion is fun!

9. Ari Seth Cohen

01 AdvancedStylebyAriSethCohen_theartgorgeousLast but not least our last candidate is not a 60-plus model or blogger: Ari Seth Cohen is a Photographer and the Creator of Advanced Style. He is documenting the style and the background stories of the over sixties. In the last years he published several books, films and collaborated with magazines and designers to show how stylish older women can be and how much influence they (should) have in the fashion business. Inspired by street-styles in New York he started photographing women and asked them to upload the pictures on Social media accounts. Today Advanced Style is a platform, which inspires not only designers, but also many young people, showing that age has nothing to do with style. Thank you Ari! What we learn from Ari: Keep your eyes open, the best inspiration for your next outfit you could get from the lovely old lady you meet in the supermarket every day!
Photo via: Instagram; Christiane Spangsberg

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