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In Case You Missed It: What Happened In Art, Fashion, Pop Culture
TAG recounts what happened last week in Art, Fashion and Pop Culture..
Entertainment 29 Aug 2016

The art world: you either hate it or love it. Amy Schumer for instance, the rising American comedienne “isn’t a fan” of the glamour and glitzy universe of art and fashion after attending the Met Gala this year. On the other hand, celebrity couple Kimye are currently embracing the arts as a Los Angeles gallery is exhibiting Kanye West’s controversial “Famous” sculpture. In other news, a leading British fashion designer has teamed up to curate the Contemporary Arts Sale at Sotheby’s in London, while Jared Leto gets into a steamy hot bath for Gucci.
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#1  Amy Schumer Hates the Met Gala
Schumer certainly did not mince her words while describing her time at the New York Met Gala this year. This star-studded event is one of the most anticipated parties of the year with guests spanning from the art and the fashion realm. Yet, the comedienne escaped the venue as soon as she could, recounting the whole experience as a punishment or in her own words “It’s not me and I don’t like it. (…) We’re dressed up like a bunch of fuckin’ assholes.”
#2  Kanye West’s “Famous” Sculpture at Blum & Poe New York
Remember Kanye West’s NSFW “Famous” music video, which features a controversial sculpture, created by the singer? It presented major celebrities stark naked in bed, from Donald Trump, Rihanna, Anna Wintour, Chris Brown, Bill Cosby, and Taylor Swift. Well, it is currently exhibited at the LA gallery, Blum & Poe. Kim Kardashian even attended the opening along with Kanye West live through a robot screen to present the piece. Why not…
#3  Sonia Rykiel Passed Away At Age 86
Th French iconic designer, Sonia Rykiel, also known as the “Queen of Knitwear” passed away last week at the age of 86. Rykiel was allegedly struggling with Parkinson’s disease since the 1990s. The French President François Hollande, honoured the designer by calling her “a free woman and a pioneer”, who could not “conceive of fashion without the arts.”
#4  Anya Hindmarch To Guest Curate Contemporary Arts Sale at Sotheby’s London
Anya Hindmarch_theartgorgeous
British fashion, Anya Hindmarch, will curate the Contemporary Art Sale at Sotheby’s London, this coming September. The designer, famed for sticking smiley faces and cartoon-like eyes on her handbags, has selected 10 works to go under the hammer.
#5  Perez Museum Hires Three New Female Directors To Join Its Team
Perez Museum_theartgorgeous
The Perez Art Museum in Miami has appointed three new female Deputy Directors to its team last week, including Adrienne Chadwick in education, Melissa Cowley Wolf in development, and Christina Boomer Vasquez in marketing and public engagement.
#6  Jared Leto Takes A Bath For New Gucci Ad
New Gucci Ad_theartgorgeous
After wearing Gucci’s green lime coat at the Suicide Squad premiere, Jared Leto decides to get into a bath tub with two other ladies for the fashion house’s new fragrance campaign, Guilty. A short video will soon be released in September featuring the actor and two other models, walking across a Venetian palazzo.
Photos via Artnet, Highsnobiety, Hypebae, New York Times, Perez Museum Twitter, and Fashionista.

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