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Art and Fashion News in the Midst of a Golden Sky
A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture
Entertainment 18 Mar 2022

While you try to understand why the sky is cloudy and yellow before you realize that Europe is in the middle of a Saharan storm and not a new color range. This is what happened in the world of art and fashion this week.

1. James Trudell last landscape in Uruguay

James Turrells Skyspace “Ta Khut” in José Ignacio, Uruguay.Tali Kimelman . photos by ad-magazin.de

Winter gives us its last blows with the desert storm that took over Europe this week, temperatures that make us think of unknown and unique landscapes as well as the work of James Turell master of light. Turell’s work arrived in the 70s at the height of minimalism, letting light be what defines the work and the spaces. He is an absolute believer that art evolves from the universe and its choices, resulting in an organic relationship between art and natural elements.

To continue in this desert atmosphere, I invite you to discover the artist’s work for a luxury hotel in the middle of Uruguay. The Hotel was originally designed by the architect Álvaro Pérez Azar to be the private residence of a Viennese family of four, the Koflers. The Family, great lovers of the artist’s work, invited him to create his latest landscape, taking visitors to a unique journey between form and games of light. This project ended in 18 months, one of the easiest projects to carry out according to the artist who is seeking to get closer to Latin American and tropical landscapes.

2. Sophie Calle and the Ghosts of the Orsay

Sophie Calle’s work is full of mystery as a kind of work by Agatha Christie and a certain nostalgia for the past through objects that remind us of a certain moment or a certain era. The relationship between Sophie and the Musée d’Orsay takes us into a story full of all these elements in 1978, when the Orsay train station and its hotel were deserted. Construction work on the future museum had not yet begun. It was at that moment that Sophie Calle pushed open a door that gave way and chose an abandoned room to take refuge: room 501. She spent entire days there, for several months, before leaving for Venice, which would mark the beginning of her future work.

During this stay she felt the desolation of a place, like an archaeological space where everything had been abandoned. She took photos, invited her friends, collected documents, objects, records of people who had stayed in the hotel like so many open lives, notes addressed to a hotel employee named Oddo, whose identity she imagined. In some respects, Calle developed her method at the Hôtel d’Orsay. To date, it has preserved the elements captured during its exploration, of a place in the process of disappearing and evolving, burying the traces of an old station that would become one of the most magical museums in the entire world. That ghost-filled nostalgia of the past of a space that will exist for us more is reflected in each photo and each exhibited object. Not in vain is it a kind of call to the ghosts of the past, a ticket to a station without a destination, to a museum without an audience, and to a strong nostalgia for these two absences. called the ghost of Orsay.

3. The Loubi-show for Lovers of Red Soles

The Louboutin autumn winter collection brings us the rhythm and colors of the 70’s inspired by the disco nights of Folies Bergères in Paris and the white nights full of lights and frost that will give us a little life for the dark winters.  

The collection and its launch was held with a show of dancers that recalls the dreams of the brand’s creator as a young man who dreamed of designing shoes for dancers. With original music composed by Natacha Atlas, the energy and rhythms that emanate from the dancers give life and movement to a selection of styles from the Fall/Winter 2022 women’s collection. The show was presented with enigmatic silhouettes and cabaret-style curtains, the silhouettes evoke all kinds of sensual and enigmatic bodies, giving prominence to the collection full of a boom of color and much Saturday night fever.

4. Swatch X Centre Pompidou

The most arty collection of the month is here, the Swatch collection with the memorable pieces of the Centre Pompidou.

The Swatch X Centre Pompidou collection is the result of a long and fruitful collaboration between the Swatch brand and the famous Parisian cultural institution, which began in 1985 with the presentation of the first Swatch Art Special watch with Kiki Picasso at the museum.

Swatch reimagines six Centre Pompidou masterpieces under their trademark by adding unexpected details.

Among the most outstanding is the watch that pays homage to the founding father of geometric abstraction, Mondrian, which is perfect for lovers of abstraction and minimalism, I admit that it is one of my favorites.

For the more romantic one’s, there is the Frida Kahlo version to bring a slightly arty Latin touch. For those who like a more risky touch there is also the Kandinsky version and returning a little to the figurative there is also the Modigliani version.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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