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Art Girl Graduates We’re Opening Our Wallets For
Supporting the next generation…
Art Stuff 09 Sep 2019

Cindy Sherman, Kara Walker and Chloe Wise didn’t become art world superstars over night. In fact, the majority of celebrated artists struggled for years before they found fame – and most importantly – fortune. The art world is hard, both for artists and their patrons. How many of us can afford that masterpiece we’ve been hunkering after for years? Hmmm, not many. But there is a way we can support the next generation while also starting our own collections: by buying art from graduates. Hey, that Goldsmiths Graduate could be the next Picasso, you never know! Here’s a list of some of the recent art girl graduates we’re looking out for.
Elise Broadway @elise_probably

We’re kind of obsessed with Elise Broadway’s paintings. The RCA Painting graduate moves her work off of the canvas, creating 3D worlds full of animals and endearingly creepy pin-up characters, and weirdly, we’re here for it!
Nour El Saleh @nour.el.saleh

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A post shared by Nour Saleh (@nour.el.saleh) on

A recent graduate of London’s Slade School of Fine Art, Nour El Saleh’s recent paintings include characters that weirdly resemble herself and her family members. They have brown hair, brown eyes, dimpled chins and prominent noses, which she over emphasizes and uses as an empowering tool, given the complex around ‘a perfect nose’ and the prevalence of plastic surgery in the Middle East. The work will soon be on display at London’s Vo Curations.
Jess Burgess @jessburgesspainting

With a BA from Norwich University of the Arts, Jess Burgess creates paintings that question how the virtual space of the digital screen affects the way we view the world, in particular the habit of simultaneously viewing many widows full of disconnected images. The work is very 2019, and therefore, perfect for our growing art collections!
Katy Stubbs @katy.stubbs

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Sweaty meat

A post shared by Katy Stubbs (@katy.stubbs) on

Having finished a BFA in illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2015, Katy Stubbs moved back to work in London. Her work isn’t just on paper though, just look at this ceramic food! We’re dying to buy a serving.
Arpi Adamyan @arpiadamyan

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Detail from The City of Dove Women

A post shared by Arpi Adamyan (@arpiadamyan) on

Having just finished an MFA at Parsons, Arpi Adamyan’s multimedia installations build queer-feminist utopian worlds. Using video, clay, porcelain and beads, the works are sexual and freaky at the same time, communicating several realities that are not possible through just one lens.
Daisy Dodd-Nobel @studioddn
A graduate of the New York Academy of Arts, Daisy Dodd-Nobel creates dreamy candy floss coloured landscapes that we’re all dying to visit. Unfortunately, we can’t take a trip there, but we could buy her art!
Tobi Alexandra Falade @tobialexandrafalade

With a degree from Wimbledon College of Fine Arts, Tobi Alexandra Falade produces oil rich flattened paintings to construct images inspired by family photographs. She is influenced by moving to London from Nigeria at the age of 7, believing that her “shadow self” continues to live on in Nigeria, whilst she continues life abroad, divorced from her country of origin.
Text Lizzy Vartanian

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