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Art Girl Networks You Should Know About
It’s time to get networking!
Art Girls Jungle 28 Sep 2020

Hey art girl, are you looking to broaden your network? Are you tired of widening your circle only through social media and LinkedIn? Want to find a group of career-focused pals with a similar mindset to you? There are a number of IRL and virtual places dedicated to the art world, so here are some of our favourites!


London’s Marguerite is a network for women and non binary people who work in art, design, fashion and photography. Initially founded in a living room, the club now hosts 40 events per year with the aim of advancing the careers of women in the industry by providing a ready-made professional network and spaces in which to hear from some of the most influential people working in the creative industries today. 

The Association of Women in the Arts

AWITA’s main focus is to bring women together, aiming to support and inspire them through networking, mentoring and professional development. Founded in 2016, it’s goal is to create a supportive community of professional women in the arts. And while the organisation is based in the UK, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic they have been planning a rich online programme of digital sessions, webinars and networking opportunities.

Cromwell Place

OK. So this one isn’t women-focused, but it sounds exciting! Set to open in London next month, Cromwell Place is a membership organization offering a first-of-its-kind exhibition and working space in central London. Cromwell Place provides the opportunity to hire gallery spaces and offices, offering a base for London-based arts professionals as well as giving space where gallerists from abroad can work too.

The Association of Women Art Dealers

The Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD), was founded in 2009 as an international network that facilitates business and collaborations between and for members at all stages of their career as business owners. Their vision is to positively impact the enterprise of each member and has three chapters – London, New York and Global – which has monthly events, with members helping each other on business deals, pop-up exhibitions and the sharing of shipping costs. 

The Art Gorgeous House

I mean, how could we leave ourselves off of the list?! The HOUSE is a delightfully eccentric, global female-empowering but still man-loving, fun sisterhood of creative minds, girl bosses, entrepreneurs and everyone (M/F/D) who identifies as one or all of the above. Providing not just a network, we have community events that include art-focused and other activities like yoga sessions as well as special offers and free copies of our magazines. Sure, we provide access to special events around the world, but the most amazing bit is to be part of a global network of kindred spirits. We are here to support and champion you – AKA our favourite art squad – on your art world journey, social life and individual career path.

Salon 21

Based in New York, Salon 21’s mission is to provide an all-inclusive, educational platform that democratises the voices of budding collectors and new talent, standing at the intersection of arts, culture and critical conversation. The name Salon 21 speaks to the historic French salons of the 18th century, in which influential aristocrats would gather in the salon to discuss fashions and social issues of the time. Salon 21 brings this into the 21st century, mimicking this mode of intellectual exchange in a contemporary way. 

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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