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Art Girls, Need Some Ideas To Make Extra Money?
A survey shows that 28% of millennial women feel daily stressed about personal finances.
Art Girls Jungle 23 Jan 2023

We all need money. Some of us more and others less. We live in a consumer oriented society, and partly spend our money on things we don’t need in order to impress people we don’t like. Nevertheless, a certain financial foundation is needed to cover the basic costs.

From being a student over to working full-time in a well paid position, to even being unemployed, there have been many stages in mind life where I wasn’t thinking that much about money (as it was coming in at a decent amount, and importantly, on a regular base) to having constantly in my mind how to increase my personal cash flow. After talking openly with my family about the whole money topic, and reading several blogs like Create & Cultivate or Girlboss it became pretty clear that being able to improve your finances has a lot to do with changing your complete mindset around money.

A survey of Bustle shows that more than 50% of 1,000 interviewed Millennial women never talk about personal finances, even when 28% feel daily stressed about it. Not talking about money is a huge issue, especially for women. However, speaking about money is one factor, but when do we actually talk about practical tips to get over those rough times? When do you really sit down with a friend and try to figure out ways to earn some extra money? So, if there is nobody for you to get real hands-on advice, try the following side hustle ideas:

Goodbye old clothes

You don’t wear it anymore? Sell it. Through the increasing consumption thanks to fast fashion, too many clothes are basically vegetating in most people’s closets. Even when you think that you’re gonna wear that piece at a certain point in your life, most probably, you won’t. Take the time to go through your wardrobe. Think about the signature pieces, important basics, and the ones with an emotional value you want to keep, the rest can find its way to Kleiderkreisel, Ebay, Mädchenflohmarkt or for any designer piece use Vestiaire Collective.

Become a marketing expert

For everyone who likes to talk, discuss and experience new products or marketing strategies, check out your local marketing and market research agencies. You can sign up for free and will receive a notification whenever the agency has a new case fitting to your profile. The task my vary from homework to coming in for a group discussion, and will be mostly paid directly in cash. Here a list of agencies and institutions for Germany.

Rent out your apartment

Sharing is caring my dears. Airbnb or Facebook Marketplace are international platforms to rent out your apartment. Even when you plan to visit your parents for a few days, it’s worth the try to earn some extra money. As there are certain legal regulations depending on your location, please check your housing laws on renting out property.

Sell all sorts of stuff

Do you use this vase? No, then bye. Have you even opened the box with old porcelain your aunt gave you? No. Ah, then perhaps there is a reason why and it will also not happen anymore. We just need to make an effort, go to our cellars and get rid of all those hidden treasures which might be of use for someone else, yet are blocking your little storage space. Use platforms like eBay, eBay Kleinanzeigen, gumtree or go offline on local flee markets to find someone who would appreciate your aunt’s porcelain.

Share your skill

You’re fluent in another language, know how to play the guitar or how to cook a certain food style (vegan, low-carb, traditional German cuisine?), then share this skill. Start by inviting friends or family to your home and give private classes. Perhaps you even enjoy it, and start to plan these workshops on a bigger scale in the future.

Stop buying things you don’t need

You won’t make extra money with this one, BUT you will save the cash you still got left. A friend of mine explained me once this rule and I use it since then: when you see something you like, then wait for 24 hours before buying it. Most items won’t interest you anymore, besides the ones you really need. Think about the clothes you already own, and be careful with your further consumption behaviour. If you want to know more about fast fashion, watch The True Cost. This documentary will let you see the bigger picture on the effects of our consumer culture on the environment.

Text by Bernak Kharabi

Image by Aleksandra Kingo

This article has been originally published at our friends from The Devi.

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