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The Art Girls Posting The Best Artsta-Gram Stories
It’s more than just a simple IG post…
Art Girls Jungle 01 Aug 2019

As the old saying goes “a picture says a thousand words.” And that, my friends, is why the art world loves Instagram. It’s social media for the visually minded. Why bother typing something out when it takes two seconds to take a photograph?
Well, static images are all well and good, but stories are really where it’s at if you really want to get up close and personal with the art girls, galleries, parties and exhibitions at the top of the international art scene. So, we’ve rounded up a list of the art girls who are killing the game on their IG stories.

Chloe Wise @chloewise_

Chloe Wise – artist, designer and IG entertainer – not only does she give us sneak peaks into her art and fashion collaborations, but she also takes us on vacation, to her work-out and out on the town with her friends. Chloe lets us know what it would be like to be her BFF (I mean who wouldn’t want to be her BFF), and we are totally here for it.

Marion Guggenheim @marionguggenheim

The creative director of Whitewall, Marion Guggenheim seems to live the charmed life we all wish we led. Flying from fair to fair, exhibition to exhibition, and vacation island to vacation island. Her stories might not be 100% art, but honestly, we just don’t care, they are pure #lifegoals.

Lolita Cros @l0l0lita

What happens in the daily life of the art world’s it-curator? Just head to Lolita Cros’s Instagram stories to find out. Not only is she the curator of The Salon at The Wing (the hottest women’s only co-working space), but she also curates her own exhibitions and deals art too. Lolita shows us inside what it’s like to travel constantly, but also how she has fun too.

Rebecca Proctor @rebeccaanneproctor

Editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia, Rebecca Proctor is guaranteed to be at every major art event in the Middle East, all of which she documents on her IG story. From an old citadel in Lebanon, to a new art fair in Saudi, you can bet your bottom dollar that she has a front row seat.

Faye Wei Wei @fayeweiwei

London-based artist Faye Wei Wei is effortlessly chic. Besides the dreamy paintings covering her feed, her stories let us inside her studio and take us out on the town with her and her artsy friends.

The White Pube @thewhitepube

The White Pube is famous for their online critique of the white-cis-man dominated art world. Often spelling out what we’ve all been afraid to say (but which we’ve always been secretly thinking), their IG stories share out all the shade the art world’s been needing.

Darah Ghanem @

Writer, documentarian photographer and founder of Halo Zine, Darah Ghanem posts her inspirations, her work and the best art events happening in the UAE.

Flora Ogilvy @

Founder of art-site Arteviste, Flora Ogilvy is somewhat of an it-girl on the British art scene. Her stories take us to artist dinners, arty parties and all the other events she attends across London and further afield.

Jasmin Hernandez @gallerygurls

Jasmin Hernandez is the founder of NYC based Gallery Gurls, taking us behind the scenes of arguably the hottest art city on the globe. Her stories really don’t disappoint.

Nourie Flayhan @nouriflayhan

Illustrator Nourie has collaborated with Gucci, Nike and Kiehls (amongst many others). Her IG stories show us her travels and inspirations, from her roots in Lebanon to her most recent commissions.

Text by Lizzy Vartanian
Images via @chloewise_, @marionguggenheim, @l0lolita, @rebeccaanneproctor, @fayeweiwei, @thewhitepube, @darahgram, @florarteviste, @gallerygurls, @nouriflayhan

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