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Art Girls, Problems With A Lack Of Motivation These Days?
We picked a tarot card that might be able to help
Art Stuff 03 Apr 2020

01Art Girls_theartgorgeous

Do you find it hard to motivate yourself lately, or express your wants and needs with a great confidence? Spring season is almost here, and instead of being overwhelmed with positive energy, you cannot focus on your work? For March, we are going to use The Star card to orientate us and help us cope through another month within the art world. The Star card is mainly about faith and hope that everything is possible, specifically the art projects that people keep saying ‘that’s unrealistic’. The sky is shining and two containers of water are pouring the landscape with magic. We are under the stars’ influence, ready to make wishes, and embrace the love and creativity around us.

2Art Girls_theartgorgeous

The winter is finally over, Pisces season has started, and the days are getting longer and longer. With The Star card, magic is flowing around us. Everyone is pushed to dream, and trace fresh perspectives. Manifesting your dreams could positively influence your career, before you even know it. When you believe in your initial purpose, sometimes you find doors opening out of nowhere. The Star’s advice is to keep your hopes up, and maintain a positive attitude.

3Art Girls_theartgorgeous

Another way to achieve positive energy is by becoming more of a generous spirit. It is highly important to acknowledge help and support that you have received from your professional and personal environment. Share your knowledge, and give back so others might advance too. All these things might seem small, but they can be quite crucial for your motivation as an artist, or art professional.

4Art Girls_theartgorgeous

Following The Tower’s and The Devil’s deconstruction, The Star brings a time of healing. Did you recently lose your gallery job, or did this art residency that you really wanted to take part in decline your application? Well, The Star is here to help you regain your energy and reawaken your creativity. Maybe it’s time to take a step back, reflect, and try to trace again the large star within you. You have to remind to yourself that if you allow your inner star to shine, there cannot be any darkness. The Star is about gaining hope, so this might be the right time to get some positive crystals on your desk.

5Art Girls_theartgorgeous

One of the earliest navigation and orientation methods involved stars for observation. Stars were used as guides, as a tool for understanding positions. Tracing your navigation star, on this specific occasion your desires, could lead you to exactly the right place, doing exactly what you are supposed to do. There are a lot of ‘how to be successful within the art world’ recipes out there, but that does not necessarily apply to you. It is not always easy to know exactly which is the right path to follow, but perhaps taking yourself more seriously, or thinking about your personal position towards the art world could make things much better.

Text by Artemisia Vulgaris

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