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Art Memes For When You Love-Hate Your Job
Remember, when in doubt, laughing it out is quicker than changing industries.
Insta-Gorgeous 30 Apr 2019

There’s no real occasion for this article other than that you can never have too many art memes. Every so often, we like to do a little survey of the ‘Gram for the best art memes. God forbid you miss one, right?
This week, we’re focusing on career angst, because we know you’ve all got it in boatloads. Remember, when in doubt (which, let’s face it, we all perpetually are in the art world), laughing it out is quicker and more effective than changing industries or going into therapy. Although, now that I think of it, a career quiz I took in tenth grade did tell me I would make a great doula…

1) We all love a good Anna Delvey moment…

…if only to remind us that career angst could be much, much worse. Especially if your career was scamming people out of millions, just so you could join the echelons of arty high society. Someone should have told her that it’s easier just to invest in some plastic surgery/intense private workouts, marry a billionaire and become a socialite collector. Next stop, opening a museum.
If you haven’t been reading up on the latest in our favorite fake German heiress’ trial, go do so immediately. TLDR: She’s being sentenced on May 9, and her lawyer praised her “hustle” in his defense.

2) Some very tough love

Raise your hand if you went into this whole “artist” thing bright eyed and bushy tailed, only to discover, one MFA and -$80,000 later, that the art world is just the same ego trip, but with better clothes.

3) Great playlist! Who made it? Oh, lol, me.

When you’re bored at the front desk so you pop in your air pods, fluff your hair in front of your ears and blast Die Antwood until your boss asks you why you’re twitching your head like that.

4) Quarter-life crisis

Are you really in the art world if you don’t make one of these for a totally unrelated industry once a month? Each quarter, I do this fun thing where I go into a career angst-related blackout. I emerge 24 hours later with no memory of what I’ve been doing, a new folder of memes in my documents and a killer resume for an au pair position in Papa New Guinea.

5) Even smart girls need to be dumb sometimes

When you spend your days saying things like “deconstructing materiality,” it can start to make you a little crazy. Sometimes, the best therapy is just letting yourself talk like a Kardashian for a few hours. Any word that might be found on a standardized test is out; so is anything over four syllables. Think of it as a palette cleanser. Your brain uses the most energy out of all the organs in your body—let it rest sometimes.
Text by Katya Lopatko.
Images via @jerrygogosian, @meme_love_you_long_time, @reductress, @thementallytrillest.

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