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The Art News You Missed While Bingeing On Reality TV
From giant cats with laser eyes to art being sent into space
Art Stuff 09 Aug 2019

Marina Abramovic Goes Back To Belgrade

The mother of performance art is heading home with her solo exhibition The Cleaner opening at Belgrade’s Museum of Contemporary Art on September 21. The show has been touring Europe since 2017 and is coming to Belgrade following an invitation from the country’s prime minister.
Oversized Persian Cat Goes On Display At Danish Music Festival

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???? Kaja Haven

A post shared by Kaja Haven (@superspaceee) on

Yep, that’s right kitty lovers, be prepared to board a plane to Copenhagen. A Laser Cat made from 9,000 plastic bags with colour-changing eyes watched over Copenhagen Distortion. The cat – made by Kaja Haven – took six-months to make and ruled over the whole festival. Miaow!
Inflatable Tina Turner Lands At British Amusement Park

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blowing up ???? ???? @dreamlandmargate

A post shared by coolshit (@coolshit) on

A 7 metre-high inflatable sculpture of Tina Turner – made by artists who call themselves Cool Shit – is to go on display at Dreamland in Margate on the British coast. The work is interactive, and visitors will be able to sing karaoke in front of an icon.
Art To Be Sent To Space To Measure Climate Change

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La collection s’exporte dans les locaux de Natixis Wealth Management #collectionleridon ••• Artworks from the Collection presented at Natixis Wealth Management Ont été exposés / Were exposed : – Athi-Patra Ruga, Azania in waiting CIRCA 2008 – 2009 (NIHIL REICH), 2015 – Bodys Isek Kingelez, Kin Star, 2010 – Cameron Platter, Unity in Diversity, 2013 – Camille-Piere BODO Pambu dit Bodo, Avec l’argent on peut toucher le monde, 2007 – Chéri Samba, Barack Obama, 2010 – Chéri Samba, L’espoir fait vivre, 1989 – David Goldblatt, Schoolboy, Hillbrow, 1972 – David Goldblatt, Shop Assistant, Orlando West, 1972 – Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga, Sans titre, 2018 – Freddy Tsimba, Silhouette effacée 490, 2014 – Jean-Bosco Mosengo dit Shula, Course médiatisée, 2013 – Kendell Geers, Jesus H. Christ, 2006 – Kudzanai Chiurai, Revelations V, 2011 – Mega Mingiedi Tunga, Ne pas regarder et regarder, 2016 – Nicholas Hlobo, Nalo ikhwezi alinyulu, 2015 – Rigobert Nimi, Prédator, 2014 – Willie Bester, Water Pump, 2006 #africans#collectingart #collector#matthiasleridon @matthias.leridon@gervanne_colboc #gervanneleridon#art #passion #husbandandwife #2visions #artwork#africancontemporaryart #emotion#support #contemporaryart#collectors #artxafrica #africa#afrique #continent #arteafrican

A post shared by Gervanne & Matthias Leridon (@collection.leridon) on

French collectors Matthias and Gervanne Leridon are going to send some art into space in 2021. The art will be there to accompany a device that will collect meteorological data on its journey. The collectors have an impressive collection of African art, and are calling African artists for submissions to take to space. We’re not sure why the artwork is necessary on this mission, but hey, the universe could probably use a little bit more art hanging around the cosmos.
Queen of England Gives Art To Harry and Meghan

The British royal family has an impressive collection of art and word has it that The Queen is giving some of it to Harry and Meghan to furnish their new home. We’re just waiting for our invite to come over for tea…
Beyonce Vogue Cover To Be Displayed In Museum

Beyonce’s September 2018 cover of American Vogue shot by Tyler Mitchell is set to be put on display at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, where it will enter its permanent collection.
Gucci Presents Book Dedicated To Ancient Architecture

IMITATIO VITAE is an editorial project project resulting from Alessandro Michele’s passion for antiquity and film producer, screenwriter and photographer Marina Cicogna’s “discovery” of works of art of unexpected originality and beauty. The book contains photographs in a volume produced by Gucci in collaboration with Venetian publisher Marsilio. It will be available from mid-September.
Supreme Takes Inspiration From 1968 Documentary

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New Fall/Winter 2019 collection coming soon.

A post shared by Supreme (@supremenewyork) on

For its latest collection, Supreme has taken a still from 1968 Vietnam War documentary In The Year of the Pig. The picture is also associated with The Smith’s album Meat is Murder. The image, which has been printed on a denim jacket, is accompanied with the words “Supreme is love.”
Gagosian Expands In New York

Arguably the most influential commercial gallery on the globe, with already five spaces in New York City, Gagosian is set to expand one of its sites to incorporate the former gallery spaces of Mary Boone and Pace.
Words Lizzy Vartanian
Images via @superspaceee, @coolshit, @gagosian, @sussexroyal, @collection.leridon, @abramovicperformance, @supremenewyork @tylersphotos @rivistastudio

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