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Art Pawty: Meet Huma Kabakci And Her Pup Sherlock
Meet the right-hand pooch to the founding director of Open Space Contemporary
Art Stuff 11 Mar 2021

Huma Kabakci is the powerhouse behind Open Space Contemporary, a platform that supports emerging creative practices and promotes dialogue in the arts through an annual programme of projects in unexpected spaces. But who supports Huma during her art world life? Her pooch Sherlock! The Yorkshire Terrier is a total heartbreaker, and we just had to speak to him about his arty life!

Huma and Sherlock

Give us one sentence about you and one about your furry friend!

Sherlock is a true character, he first barks at anyone and sniffs them thoroughly before he decides if he actually likes them or not. 

I am more like Marmite, you either love or hate me at a first glance. It takes a while to get to know me well but when you do we’ll just have laughs and gossip about the injustice of the artworld. 

What do both of your regular days look like?

We wake up around 7:30-8 am, once he sees me get dressed he wags his tail and he makes a sound out of excitement indicating we need to go out soon. He walks at least three times a day, and is spoiled constantly with toys or little treats by his grandma and expects the same treatment from me as well. When he is not playing with his sidekick Watson (my mom’s dog) who is obviously jealous of Sherlock, he is sleeping and snoring next to me whilst I am working remotely on my laptop. 

Sherlock displaying his support for Open Space Contemporary

What do you think he thinks about your art world career?

He really doesn’t understand why I am a curator when I can be a doctor or a lawyer but supports me fully and accompanies me to exhibitions/galleries that allow dogs. 

Is he supporting your art world career?

He supports what I love, so yes. 


Is he creative, too?

Sherlock is extremely creative, especially when it comes to pulling pranks to postmen or plumbers. He always manages to find new ways to scare them despite his cute appearance.  

His appearance: Botero or Giacometti?

I would say neither, he is surprisingly fit for his appetite and has a super fast metabolism (he poops at least twice a day!). 

Huma and Sherlock

Did you ever feature him on your IG account and does he already have some fans out there?

Whenever I make a post about him on my stories or posts, I do end up getting DMs or more likes definitely. 

Own Instagram account?

He doesn’t have his own instagram account but you can definitely see him on mine which is @kabakcihuma 

Would he be up for cuddles after a shitty day in the art world?

It really depends on who it is from. He only likes cuddles when he wants one and preferably quick ones. 

Sherlock in front of a work by Güneş Terkol

Is he upset if you go on a business trip? (Obviously wfh most of these days :))

He gets extremely annoyed and fidgety once he realises I am travelling without him. 

Which piece of art would describe him/her best?

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel or if I were to give a contemporary example a well-executed Laure Prouvost installation – pure perfection. 

Any animal grams you enjoy following?

Doug The Pug, Dog With Sign, Tika the Iggy and the Snuggle is real

Nominate an art world friend with a pet to be interviewed in the future?

I nominate Zain Masud

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