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Art Summer Vibes from Van Gogh LEGO to Marilyn
A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture
Entertainment 20 May 2022

While you enjoy the summer and your social art agenda is more complete than ever, this is what happened in the fashion and art world.

1. Marylyn by Andy Warhol New art sale Record

Photo by AFP

The Swiss brothers Doris and Thomas were undisputed leaders in the art world and co-founders of Thomas Ammann Fine Art AG, one of the most influential art spaces in Europe. The May 9 sale marked the first of two auctions dedicated to this exceptional collection. Which had an unmentionable list of essential works, but the night star was Andy Warhol, with Shot Sage Blue Marilyns sold for $195,040,000. What if we have a new world record? It is not only the most expensive 20th-century work of art to auction and the second most expensive work in the auction, just behind Leonardo da Vinci’s, Salvator Mundi, which was sold at Christie’s in 2017.

This portrait of Marilyn is the symbol of an entire generation of American pop culture; We could say it is the very incarnation of Andy Warhol’s concept and work and a particular way of honoring this Diva, 60 years from her tragic disappearance. The results of the auction is a record, but how not to be? Shot Sage Blue Marilyn is the grail of contemporary art in our pop culture.

2. Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh X LEGO

The Starry Night is undoubtedly one of Van Gogh’s works that have left more than one dream of a pictorial universe full of magic, texture, and color. Okay, we can keep happy by only owning an original museum poster at home (like the one from my kitchen). We definitely can’t buy an original, but there are some collaborations that offer us the feeling that we can approach that artistic universe at home, and this time we could thank LEGO IDEAS. Yes, we have a Lego Van Gogh this year.

LEGO Ideas reinvents the famous painting in 3D. After receiving over 10,000 votes from the LEGO Ideas community, the firm turned it into a real-life LEGO set. This week, there is something more adorable and geeky; I don’t think this Lego set revives our inner arty geek.

The set will be available from June 1, 2022, and a little before via VIP presale, initially exclusively in LEGO brand’s stores and the online store for 169.99 euros. As with other LEGO Ideas sets, the LEGO set features a three-dimensional representation of the image and includes a Vincent Van Gogh Minifigure with a small canvas print of the original work. The Minifigure can be attached to a spring as part of the 3D artwork, making it looks like the Van Gogh minifigure, the cutest thing in the set. So please mark the date as it will surely be a collector’s item!

3. Solo exhibition of Hans Hartung

Photo: Claire Dorn

May 21 — July 2, 2022

Tuesday – Saturday 12pm – 6pm

Hans Hartung is an essential artist of the postwar period, being one of the pioneers of abstraction, with a universe inspired by Japanese calligraphy, thus challenging certain untouchable positions of Japanese culture, putting Japan on the list of modern art with a universe soaked in culture from this country but seen from the perspective of abstraction.

For this solo show, the Foundation Hartung-Bergman and the Galerie Perrotin come together for this solo show with a selection of twenty paintings and works on paper by Hans Hartung. Following a rare retrospective in Paris in 2019, as well as few recent solo exhibitions in the United States, Europe, and Asia, the art of Hartung, who died in 1989, returns to the pride of place in Japan, at a time when it seems more modern than ever. And no refreshes this critical period of history.


The sun rises here and our dolce vita side comes out with outfits that evoke the Italian Mediterranean coasts, and what better way to get closer than with the new brand FENDACE, marking the union between Fendi and Versace, and now available. Since September 2021, Kim Jones and Donatella revealed their new alliance making many fans dream of the two brands, promising to be a perfect hybrid of the two DNA of Italo Luxe, merging the heritage and symbols of both fashion houses. Signature silhouettes, expert craftsmanship, FF prints, and iconic Medusa motifs are seamlessly combined in a spectacular selection of ready-to-wear accessories.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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