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Why the Art World Is Excited About Snowe White and Her Glorious Celebrity Interviews
Well, where to start? Nadja Sayej is a Canadian reporter and cultural critic based in Berlin. Sounds...
Fempire 11 Oct 2017

Why the Art World Is Excited About Snowe White and Her Glorious Celebrity Interviews
Photographer, Berlin, Germany

Well, where to start? Nadja Sayej is a Canadian reporter and cultural critic based in Berlin. Sounds quite dry for what else she has under her belt:
She is also a rapper named Snowe White and a standup comedian. Got it?
With a focus on celebrity interviews, arts and entertainment, Nadja Sayej started her own interview TV format, ArtStars*, where she has interviewed hundreds of world-renowned artists and celebrities including Marina Abramovic, Anish Kapoor and Julian Schnabel. She made headlines for conducting the first-ever jpeg interview with Douglas Coupland and has interviewed celebrities like Susan Sarandon, James Franco, Isabella Rossellini, Patti Smith and Jean Paul Gaultier, which she is releasing in her forthcoming Celebrity Interview Book just going to be released next week in Toronto.
Summary: Sayej is smart, incredibly witty and just a bomb. The art world is trembling with excitement the moment, this woman enters the room… And rightly so.

01Nadja Sayej_thartgorgeous

In the art world currently I find most exciting that…
People have a sense of humor! It’s a delight to see artists, curators and critics not taking themselves too seriously and having fun with their work. Nothing is more addictive than enthusiasm.

Number of unanswered mails in your account today…
None! I try to answer everything before going to bed, every day.

My perfect working outfit…
Black pants, a blue collared shirt, a navy trench and my DKNY purse, which was a gift from my tattoo artist, Myra Brodsky from Red Rocket Tattoo in Midtown.
03Nadja Sayej_thartgorgeous
My favourite new brand discovery…
It’s more of a rediscovery—“Enter Talking,” the autobiography of Joan Rivers, which is riveting and educational, if you want to know what it was like hustling in the New York comedy scene in the 1980s, this is the tell all.

My everyday online art read is…
A mix of everything, from my favorite writers on Twitter to dailies like the New York Times to magazines like Vanity Fair and the Paris Review to art blogs like Hyperallergic and New Yorker cartoons because why not?
Your necessary extravagance is
Quality coffee in the morning and a latte at lunch because it gives me my writing superpowers. So does 1940s jazz radio.
Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever bought…
Actually, it was a gift from my friends Philip and Michael: A battery-powered pepper grinder with lights that glow from underneath, so it puts a glamorous spotlight on your plate as you dress it with pepper shreds.
Nadja Sayej_thartgorgeous
My ultimate secret after long working hours…

Probably a fabulous dinner at our secret hideout uncool German restaurant (which will remain unnamed) followed by a vanilla sauce-drenched Apple Strudel with my good friend, the curator Leah Stuhltrager.

Favourite collaboration of the art- and fashion world
I’d say it’s a tie between power-duo Anne Imhof, the German artist who won the Golden Lion at this year’s Venice Biennale, and her partner-muse, the Balengicia model Eliza Douglas, as their barren, deadpan styles match. Or perhaps Calvin Klein’s revamped Madison Avenue store, which was revamped in yellow paint and floor-to-ceiling scaffolding by Sterling Ruby. That was an eye-catcher.

My favourite hashtag…
unlikely landscapes found in the reflections of #puddlegram and when I need a quote fix #motivationmonday and #success and travel inspiration from #paris #santorini and #greekislands always.

On my office table I always have…

a crystal quartz, a stack of Post-it notes, herbal tea, a day planner pegged open with a bulldog clip and a handful of inspirational quotes.
02Nadja Sayej_thartgorgeous
The most arty city is…

Marrakech. It never ceases to amaze me with its wonder, secret corners and laneways of the labyrinth-like Medina, and the mystical charm which comes alive at sunset (it calls to mind the poetry of Kahlil Gibran). The city’s new Yves Saint Laurent Museum is a treat.

Who are the best dressed in the art world…
That would probably be Marina Abramovic, who, when I interviewed her, described her look as “a nun on the run.” Or perhaps John Waters, who has an uncanny knack for mixing indie underground cool with dapper chic. I always photograph Orlan whenever I see her because I can’t get enough of her wild, Cruelle deVille hair.

Describe yourself with three emojis…

Art world gent I would love to have lunch with…
It’s a tie between David LaChapelle, whose photography is the ultimate personification of this quote he once said: “If you want reality, take the bus.” I’d also love to lunch with Damien Hirst, whose underwater-themed exhibition in Venice was nothing short of entertaining. But I’d trade them both in for dinner with Doug Aitken.

Artist(s) we should have on our watch list is/are…
Los Angeles-based cyberfeminist trailblazer Signe Pierce’s color photography is the ultimate seduction. I also love the pomp in the gilded wall works of New York artist Rashaad Newsome, whose performances will get you dancing, too.
Instagram: @nadjasayej
Photos by Harald Geil

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