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Art World Jobs: Things to Delete from Your CV ASAP
Employers can gather how creative you are just by analyzing the font you have used.
Art Girls Jungle 13 Dec 2022
Image via Pinterest of Jane Fonda

What makes a great artist, uhm, employee? Getting your CV right is so important for the first stage of your job-hunt success, especially in the world of art. Employers can gather how creative you are just by glancing at the valuable document, from the font you have used to the quirky formatting. They can also tell a lot about your personality, career history and abilities from that one piece of paper, so it’s vital to get it right! It is after all the first step to convince your possible employer that you’re the one for the role. In time hopefully securing an interview so you can wow the lucky person face to face.
To make sure you show that you are the talent they need on paper to hire, here are seven things that really should not be included on your CV. Delete them now and you’ll hopefully get that interview you deserve!

1.Stating the obvious
Your future employers know from the file name of the document that they are opening a CV. It is not rocket science, so don’t waste valuable space by putting it there. You are not sending your CV in an envelope by pigeon mail. This is seriously outdated and unnecessary.

2.Age is just a number
As your age doesn’t affect your ability to do the job you’re applying for, it has no place on your CV.  Employers should base your ability on years of experience, not how old you are. In fact, it is illegal in most countries for employers to be ageist, so …delete it!

3. Married with kids!
Similar to your age, the fact if you are married or not or the number of children you have shouldn’t get in the way of the hiring process. Therefore, you don’t need to include this information on your CV. Feminists rejoice!

4. Life is a roller-coaster
Your CV should be a two or one page document filled with your most relevant skills and abilities, not your lifetime biography. All of us go through changes and bumps here and there and some people have to take time off work because of them. This time off work however does not have to be on your CV. Some, personal circumstances are also protected characteristics, such as being pregnant or time off for maternity leave. Like your age, marital status and dependents you don’t need open yourself up to possible unnecessary discrimination by having them  on your CV.

5. A selfie
Employers should judge you on your skills and experience, not what you look like, so leave the photo out. Even if you do think of yourself as a hottie, you are entering the art world…not becoming the next Hadid. Therefore, it’s more beneficial to fill the space with the details they’re looking for rather than a picture. Plus, future employers probably know what you look like already from stalking your social media accounts – busted!

6. Location, Location, Location
Once upon a time listing your address on your CV was a requirement. Today however, you simply need to write down your town and county of residence, so employers know you are available for the job geographically. Most application forms ask you to fill in your address separately anyways, so there’s no point in adding it to your CV. There are better ways to fill the space.

7. Irrelevant work experience and qualifications
It’s super important to tailor your CV to the job for which you’re applying. Therefore, don’t be afraid to cut irrelevant details from your CV. This includes work experience from over a decade ago or positions that are unrelated to the art world. For example that time you worked a Saturday job at the village post office 10 years ago…delete! I’d also encourage you to avoid listing every single qualification you have achieved if you’re a few years deep into your career. Your employer is not going to care about the details of your GCSE’s that you completed over 12 years ago.
There you have it. 7 steps to de-clutter your CV. Now you have cut out the fluff, you have more space to big up your relevant accomplishments.

Good Luck, Gallery Girls!

Text by Peigi Mackillop

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