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The Art At This Year’s Burning Man Festival
“Burning” in art speak
Art Stuff 09 Sep 2019

Burning Man may be over, but the images of the artworks will live on forever. Having taken place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert between August 25 and September 2, the festival hosts not only music performances, but also many art installations, and this year, the theme was Metamorphoses.  
Metamorphoses is described by the festival as “a celebration of change, and an exploration of uncertainty” – deep – but what does this mean for the art? If you weren’t burning last week, here are some of the highlights you missed!

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27 Stones #benjaminlangholz

A post shared by Bjarke ingels (@bjarkeingels) on

Amongst the work on display was an interactive art installation called 27 Stones by Benjamin Langholz, which literally shows people precariously walking up and down stones seemingly suspended from the air…something for brave art enthusiasts we think…

Other pieces included these wooden windmill structure by Dave Keene, which apparently got burnt at the end of the festival (what else?)

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El dragón de arena #burningman2019

A post shared by Jacobina de Rivera (@jacobina316) on

We also spotted this fabulous dragon, no idea who it’s by, but we’re pretty sure it breathes fire.

From dragon to dinosaur (!?), look at this beautiful beast by Mariane Ilfu, Arturo Gonzalez and Sarschi Carrillo. Titled Ichiro, the creature is a life-size replica of a T-Rex covered in Huichol Art beads.

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Whether you want to pack lighter to cut down on waste after Burning Man or you just need a little more space in the car, PRECYCLING can help! Here are a few ways to do more with less: ♲ Structures: Select construction materials and decorations that are reusable (they’re cheaper in the long run). If you can’t reuse them, make sure they’re recyclable. Where possible, use reclaimed wood and metal. Use screws instead of nails (they’re easier to remove). Design camp structures for easy construction/deconstruction, reuse, storage or salvage. ♲ Food and water: Minimize kitchen waste and clean-up by planning simple meals and preparing food in advance, and freezing it. Eliminate unnecessary packaging and store food in reusable containers. Bring water in reusable containers and bring reusable cups, utensils, bowls or plates. Where possible, avoid single-use bottled drinks. ♲ Clothes and costumes: The playa takes its toll on clothing and costumes; the thrift shop is your friend. When considering costume options, be mindful of MOOP. Things that can be particularly problematic include feathers, glitter, sequins, beads, bindis, body gems, glued-on stuff, fake eyelashes, etc. ???? Photo of Barry Crawford’s “Rearing Horse” by @faceblind.deselliers | #burningman #blackrockcity #brc #thankslarry #10principles #leavenotrace

A post shared by Burning Man Project (@burningman) on

Animals were clearly big this year. Here’s another, a horse, by Barry Crawford.

And then there’s just the pure weird. Look at this installation by Chris Canabuci of a woman hatching out of an egg. Different is certainly one way to put it…
What is clear from the festival, is that the art is just as mad, over-the-top and in-your-face as the people who attend Burning Man. You won’t find this stuff in any SoHo galleries, and that’s what makes it so good. We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings…
Text Lizzy Vartanian
Images via @bjarkeingels @gregvnielsen @jacobina123 @burningman @vibelord

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