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The Artist Who Re-defines Basketball
When a woman artist is a basketball player ;)
Fempire 26 Apr 2018

Artist, Massachusetts

Artist Andrea Bergart’s line of basketball handbags is not only nicely designed and stylish, but is actually also a feminist premise to reclaim an male-dominated object. Bergart is a member of the artist, all-female Downtown Girls Basketball team, based in Chinatown, Manhattan. Bergart also hosts the YouTube channel “Call Your Ball Friends,” sponsored by Adidas, with fellow artist and Downtown Girls Basketball player Cecilia Salama, interviewing other female artists, who display their works on the typically male-dominated basketball court and discuss their practice. So these basketball handbags do carry more than our daily stuff when we wear them 😉


In the art world currently, I find most exciting that…
independent spaces are taking risks on artists and showing new and exciting work.
Number unanswered mails in your account today
Perfect working outfit…
Oversized basketball shorts and a crop top tank
Favorite  new brand discovery…
I make my own clothes and do a lot of trades, so I stopped searching…
Your everyday online art read is…

I check in with BBC / Democracy Now! and sound and vision podcast to hear some of my friends talk about their art practices, oh and Instagram.
Your necessary extravagance is…
Swimming in salt-water pools, suanas and traveling.
Most  ridiculous thing you ever bought…
My cat, Pickles ?
Ultimate secret after long working hours…

Kale chips and terrace house
Favorite collaboration of the art and fashion world…
Chris Martin X Dior
Favorite hashtag…
On your office table,
 you always have…
I don’t have an office or a table – but my studio palette is full of dyes, paints, brushes, Pellegrino bottles and forgotten cups of tea.
The most arty city is…
NYC! It’s full of artists and you can really feel the energy here.
Who are the best dressed in the art world…
My besties; Cecilia Salama, Joy Curtis and Tamara Gonzales :~)
Describe yourself with some emojis…
Art world gent I would love to have lunch with…
Niki de Saint Phalle, Elizabeth Murry, Patti Smith.
Artist we should have on our watch list is…
Aria McManus

Instagram: @andreabergart
Photos via Andrea Bergart

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