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Artsy places in Italy Not to Miss En Route to Venice Biennale
La Bella Vita is something like The Dolce Far Niente
Art Stuff 12 Apr 2022

La Bella Vita is something like The Dolce Far Niente; as you look up how to live the perfect modern Bella Vita, a swirl of results will pop up to tell you how and why you should do this and that. Result? You’ll be pushed and pulled by the tide, and not much will come as helpful in the end.
So please art gorgeous look no further, authentic Bella Vita is something you do effortlessly – it comes naturally, and it is a rule you live by – almost daily.
It takes a couple of slow coffees, good art around, a pair of cute vintage Celine eyeglasses, and all will come.
To pair up your desire to visit Italy’s ever-fascinating artistic scene, we have gathered a selection of cool artsy places to stay in Italy to enhance the overall effect.

La Foleia, Lago Maggiore

This place is your next-level fairy tale. Once an oak forest, it was recently renewed in the name of art merging neoclassical and French-inspired design. 

Waterfront villas dressed in pale pink and Persian green, the rooms present frescos and exotic details, all very elegant and subtle. Ponds filled with waterlilies and lotuses will wake you up in the morning, and the team at La Foleia offers thousands of activities. Heritage visits to the nearby lake villas (Villa Taranto, Villa Pallavicino, Orta San Giulio), cooking courses, horseback riding, wine tasting, boat tours, and more to follow.

Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà, Verona

Imbue yourself in nature, good wine and yes – art. A villa from the 16th century, this five-star hotel is charming and completely unexpected, displaying artworks by Marina Abramovic, Loris Cecchini, Mat Collishaw, Damien Hirst, Alighiero Boetti and Luigi Ontani. A dreamlike place for each and every art lover. Are we all ok calling it a museum instead?

Il Palazzo Experimental, Venice 

Not sure where to stay for the upcoming Venice Biennale? We have got you. Il palazzo experimental is here to let you grasp the overall essence of Venice at its finest. This place breathes art and design from the one moment you step in. Spoiled by the endless charm of Venice’s skyline – no stiffened heart could ever resist the awe. There is plenty of space to take some restful moments, but the restaurant and bar are the apple of the eye of the hotel and indeed ideal for a romantic date night. Last but not least Il Palazzo Experimental is the ultimate go-to place for design lovers.

Numero venti, Florence 

Numeroventi instead, is a contemporary renaissance residency in Florence. Boutique hotel and artists residency, the space aims to inspire the activation of the artistic process in whoever visits or stays over. The mission is to connect people and create an environment where artists can expand their practices, as they like to put it “Numeroventi is a space in which artists can test out their whims and expand their limits.”. If you are not an artist, please fear not. Numeroventi is open to everyone and happy to inspire hosts throughout the experience. To immerse yourself in the right mood, imagine yourself lingering on a window, facing Florence’s flamboyant alleys, and listening to Numeroventi’s very own playlists. And please, take note, there’s always an art show going on onsite! 

G Rough, Rome 

Vibrant, energetic, a lively experience with a vintage twist!

As artsy as it gets, G Rough offers the most exclusive and limited-edition experiences art-related. A renewed 17th-century palazzo, within walking distance from Piazza Navona, one of the most elegant and sought-after spots by tourists and locals alike. And it’s not over yet! G Rough faces the church of Sant’Agnese, Borromini’s masterpiece. The G-Bar on the ground floor welcomes guests as well as G-Rough’s very own art collection. Rotating exhibits made by contemporary artists such as Rä di Martino and Pietro Ruffo are paired with unique designer pieces by Gio Ponti, Ico Parisi, Guglielmo Ulrich e Silvio Cavatorta. All rooms are named after Italian designers too!

Palazzo Daniele, Apulia 

Figlio d’arte, as we would say in Italy, the Palazzo was envisioned by the locally famous architect Domenico Malinconico and remodelled by the well-known Palomba Serafini studio in Milan. The last owner Francesco Petrucci, started his very own contemporary art collection, slowly transforming Palazzo Daniele into art-house hosting artists from all over the world. Set in the rambling and summer-boiling heart of Salento (Gagliano del Capo), now Palazzo Daniele is the perfect getaway to meet artists and creatives alike, cool down around a table, and live the simplicity of Apulia one day at a time. It is a place to get inspired and inevitably slow down. 

Atelier Ines, Naples  

Artsy people surely love a good Jewellery match too. Atelier Ines is like killing two birds with a stone.

Set in the mesmerizing and ever-mysterious Rione Sanità, the Atelier was designed by jewellery designer Vincenzo Oste and his wife Inès. The idea was to turn this little gem into a museum, encompassing artworks, objects, and jewels.

Half art gallery, half design studio hosting creative workshops, it welcomes locals and visitors to discover the artistic legacy of Annibale Oste, Vincenzo’s father, a promising sculptor. Everyone is called to look at details and challenge his/her art perspective.

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