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Arushi Kapoor Is The Art Tech Entrepreneur You Should Know
Meet the lady with the app catering galleries for all their needs
Career 28 Nov 2019

The daughter of art collectors, Arushi Kapoor grew up surrounded by art, so it is little surprise that she set her sights on a career in the art world from a young age. Beginning by organising sell-out exhibitions of Indian art in the US, she then turned her attention to tech. In 2018, she brought her love of art into the 21st century by creating ARTSop, an app that works to help with the demands and requirements that modern galleries need. From connecting clients, helping with logistics, managing inventory and space rental, through ARTSop, Arushi plans to cover everything a gallery could ever want. The platform is global, looking to attract key players from across the world. We spoke to Arushi about starting ARTSop and working in the art world.
What made you want to start ARTsop?
For as long as I can remember, I have been with art and artists. I was fed on museums, auction houses, galleries and fairs around the world but was pushed into it by the family. As I grew older, it became a significant part of my identity. I started ARTSop with my business partner in my senior year of university. I saw that in the Art Tech world, the innovation was very slow. There were no interactive platforms that would connect art galleries to potential clients while emphasizing on general education. ARTSop was my stepping stone to being deeply involved in the art world.

Why is it so important to you to champion Indian artists?

As an Indian, it is absolutely mesmerizing to see how talented the artists of the country are. We have had a rich cultural and artistic history. However, we are not as well-known as artists from other developed nations. This is only because most Indian artists didn’t have the resources to travel abroad and showcase their work. I think it is my duty to my culture and country to “champion Indian Artists.”

What was Your Your First Job?

My first job was as a store manager on 3rd street in Los Angeles in my freshman year at the Marshall School of Business at USC.
Did you experience a lot of competitiveness when breaking into the art world?

The art world has a very close-knit network. Most art consultants and dealers have been selling artwork for well over a decade. I had to work very hard to establish myself as a trustworthy art consultant and dealer. I believe I would be one of the youngest in the Industry doing what I am doing. I work with both, international high end Blue Chip artists and emerging artists. My approach is very friendly and I try to give the client an informed fresh perspective.

Did you always want to work in the art world?

My mum, Payal Kapoor was an avid collector. She pushed me towards art from a very young age and helped me start my personal collection. I always thought I would go into the financial world and studied Business, both in high school and in university. I never thought dealing with art would be a part of my career but it seemed like the natural next step. I am now part of several different projects that are an amalgam of the art industry with technology, finance, marketing, real estate etc.

Do you feel the art world is undergoing lots of changes these days?

Of course. We live in a dynamic cosmopolitan environment. Art galleries, collectors and spectators have so many more tools at their fingertips. There’s several art fairs coming up. It always is a very exciting time in the art world.

Did you have any mentors you learned a lot from?

I grew up around several people in the art world and the business world. I still take advice from them daily. I could name a handful but I believe it wouldn’t be fair to the others.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ah, I think I have a somewhat defined image of myself in 5 years. Hopefully most of my current projects would be executed and I will be working on more exciting things.

Best Career Advice you received?

Ideas are dime a dozen. Execution and returns are key.

Your Words of Wisdom for young women?

If you have an idea, reach out to people to actualize it. There are always people willing to help out and collaborate.

Your art world heroes?

Larry Gagosian, Cater Cleveland, the up and coming artists I work with and my family

Artists we should have on our watch list are?

Tayeba Begum Lipi, Marco Pariani, Chris Sole, Valay Shende, Zanele Muholi

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LoZo Gallery - Franklin, PA
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The Armin Bar (NYC|Milan) - Milan, Lombardy, Italy
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Para Site - Hong Kong
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New Art Est-Ouest - Hong Kong