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Backpacking to Arty Cities Is a Necessary Extravagance
While she thinks the artiest city is Hong Kong...
Fempire 21 Jun 2018

Got into the final six at 2017 Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant, 28-year-old Morgan Xinmo Wu is also a contemporary artist graduated from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in China in 2012.
One of WU’s strengths in her practice is her use of a variety of materials and new media and technology to analyze many different types of hype. Since 2015, she began to explore the hidden and murky symbols in nature.
Let’s see this gorgeous artist’s secret after a long working day and which art gents she dreams to have lunch with.

In the art world currently I find most exciting that…
I feel excited about the increased level of interaction between arts and the general audience, and the fact that a great number of individual artists are experimenting art fluidly across media. I’m also trying to “keep up with the healthy trend” by trying out different media in my arts, perhaps with more environment-friendly materials in the future.

I also want to focus on public arts more in order to interact with the viewers.  A large-scale installation work titled Periphery I executed last year invites audience to participate, to dance and to interact. I think the viewers and their reactions are actual elements of art. I’m excited about the possibilities that art can provide.

Number of unanswered mails in your account today?…
Currently 3 only, which are from the same company promoting a diet program


Perfect working outfit…

When it comes to fashion, I am minimalistic and detail-oriented. I think everybody needs to find a style that you are truly comfortable with. I like suits; I think it makes me look cool. I’m a big collector of hats as well. I feel being an artist allows me to dress myself up freely. Sometimes, I come up with funny looks though.

Favourite new brand discovery…
I like the informative art community/online fashion platform, NOT JUST A LABLE (notjustalabel.com).

Chinese brand C2H4, which is a great platform for young, creative China-based designers. I believe more “made-in-China” brands will rise to fame on a global level soon. A lot of people actually believe in this – Chinese fashion world even coined a word for it: Guochao (“

Petzl is a French manufacturer of climbing gear and all sorts of outdoor sports equipment. I discovered it through my passion in outdoor sports.


Your everyday online art read is…
TheArtGorgeous, ARTFORUM, The Art Newspaper, Larry’s List

Your necessary extravagance is…
Honestly, apart from backpacking to artsy cities for some great exhibitions, no other extravagance is necessary. Saving money for new works!

Most ridiculous thing you’ve ever bought…
A large number of REALLY gorgeous vintage clothes and shoes that don’t suit me at all. A pair of size 45 male shoes, currently with my father in his wine cellar.


Ultimate secret after long working hours…
Free-style yoga sessions in my studio, haha, sometimes just a combination of weird stretching moves. One time, I even read a book upside down for a couple of pages after working long hours.

Favourite collaboration of the art- and fashion world…
Apart from all the HERMÈS scarves with artists I’ve long adored, I really liked the Gucci’s limited-edition T-shirt collection with the illustrator Angelia Hicks back in 2017. I’ve completely fallen for the commissioned graffiti and the limited edition run of fun-filled tees by this wonderful 24-year-old artist launched in both Milan and New York. I think it also leads to more opportunities of commercial success for emerging artists.

Favourite hashtags…
#filmphotography, #truecolors, #jellyfish, #femaleartiat, #chineseartist, #morganxinmowu, #oiloncanvas, #luciechangfinearts


On your office table you always have…

Art catalogues and some tabletop figures of Koons and KAWS.

The artiest city is…
Hong Kong. Graffiti arts are seen everywhere. I normally stay close to Lucie Chang Fine Arts (my representing gallery) in Sheung Wan area where the local cultural roots are deep and graffiti art scene is booming. I find it free, fun and refreshing.

Who are the best dressed in the art world…

Yves Klein and Cindy Sherman. Klein blue is my favourite color and many look to the art of Klein for inspiration. His classic style’s also been coming back. I’ve been drawn to Sherman’s artworks for long; I like her various fashion styles when dressed up as different personas challenging cultural stereotypes.

Describe yourself with three emojis…


Art-world gents I would love to have lunch with

Are Gerhard Richter and Wolfgang Tillmans both available for a lunch with me? My treat, Shanghai traditional lunch with the best dumplings in the world, Shengjianbao (“生煎包”).

Artists we should have on our watch list are…
Eddie Kang, TENGAone, Merijn Kavelaars, Tohru Matsushita, Madsaki, which are artists represented by the same gallery as mine. We sometimes worked together for traveling exhibitions and fairs. We work long hours together and call each other friends. We talk about arts from time to time. I sometimes feel I’m growing up with them.


Current exhibition:

“Ray: Solo Exhibition of Morgan Xinmo Wu” at Lucie Chang Fine Arts, Hong Kong, till 30 June 2018

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NETFLIX - Los Angeles, California, USA
Freelance Videographer (remote from France)
Canva - Paris, France
Department Coordinator - Fine & Decorative Arts
Heritage Auctions - Dallas, TX, USA
Assistant or Associate Curator of Native American Art
Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) - State of Minnesota, USA