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Why a Bedtime Routine with Bob Ross Is Better Than a Hot Milk
5 ASMR sessions to help trading your art world worries for sweet dreams
Art Stuff 06 Jan 2020

Even the busiest art world bees need to unwind sometimes. Why not treating yourself with a cosy ASMR session to de-stress and sleep well. Lie back, snuggle up in a warm and coy place and listen to any of below 5 sessions to follow the soothing voice of the narrator.
What is ASMR? ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) evokes a particular response in the brain when certain triggers appear Triggers can be the sounds of whispering, brushing of hair, light tapping or they can be visual such as observing a painter creating art, makeup application or other slime movements. The physiological response is often a slight tingling feeling that begins in the scalp and can travel throughout the body. Many people who tried it, report benefits including positive emotions, stress reduction, calmness, and ease of falling asleep even without the experience of the tingling sensations. Ready to try it out? But be aware…YOU’RE GOING TO THINK IT’S WEIRD…. at first!
Below instructions range from getting your hair brushed to receive a tender leg massage? Sounds good? We agree and share with you our favourite ASMR instructors to include in your “good night” routine.
1.Bob Ross
Soft speaking, tutorials, meditation and Bob Ross videos were the original ASMR.
This first entry is not a specific channel, but perhaps one of the best ways to understand ASMR is to see the triggers popping up unintentionally in other videos — dubbed “Unintentional ASMR” online. People often refer to PBS host Bob Ross as the “godfather of ASMR” because his soft instructions and gentle, scratchy brush sounds in Ross’ show, The Joy of Painting, were many people’s first conscious ASMR triggers.
2.Whispering Life
YouTube creator WhisperingLife uploaded this video (or rather, audio), of her rambling in a soft whisper in 2009. At first she jokes that it might be a fetish, but goes on to explain that she just finds it very soothing and hopes other people will enjoy it. It does not have a lot of views or comments, but it inspired other early ASMR channels, including Gentle Whispering ASMR, which in turn inspired more and more in what eventually became YouTube’s ASMR community. This is ground zero for ASMR on YouTube.
ASMRTheChew is best known for her mukbang ASMR videos, which combine the two YouTube genres that may have taken off the most in the past few years.
A video she uploaded of herself crunching on a jar of pickles was clipped and posted to Twitter, going massively viral. Her original video now has over 30 million views. Many people were still unfamiliar with ASMR at the time, and the pickle crunching was a perfect entry for the surreal meme humor that has become more pervasive over the years.
4. Gibi ASMR
There are so many different subcultures on YouTube, and Gibi has her hands in two of the most niche and popular pots: gaming and ASMR. She posts many roleplaying videos, often putting characters from different fandoms together — Harry Potter and classic Nickelodeon characters, for example. Gibi, who has over 2 million YouTube subscribers despite having launched just three years ago, is part of ASMR’s evolution from somewhat arbitrarily soothing videos into compelling story-building with creators writing, acting out, and developing their own characters.
Her first video became a meme on Twitter in 2018. The title and concept — a role play of a nun nursing you through the plague — is utterly ridiculous and does not seem like it would be particularly soothing. But no matter how bizarre, videos with whispers or soft speaking will inevitably trigger people sensitive to ASMR and Angelica’s brand is a uniquely entertaining one. Her channel consists of tons of obscure historical role plays up to a blue bubble bath with Yeti or a nun taking care of you while falling asleep

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