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Freelance Girl, These Are The Best Places To Work Remotely
For when you’re out-of-office but still have work to do...
Art Stuff 04 Feb 2020

These days, more and more of us are ditching the office in favour of working remotely. Whether you’re freelance, regularly dip in and out of the office, or spend most of your time with clients across the city, you may find that you are often working alone. So where should you be working? Do you always stay in one spot? Are you getting tired of it? Sometimes, it’s good to change up your working environment, but where should you go? Well, we have a few ideas…


An Art Library

Did you know that many of your favourite museum’s have their own libraries? Often all you have to do is register or book an appointment and you can work or study in a space covered in gorgeous art books for free. Much like a school or college library, these spaces are often silent, meaning that you have the perfect excuse for not answering any of those annoying calls.


A Cute Cafe

Fancy working in an area filled with other humans, but without the formality of a co-working space? Why not head to your local cafe. You’ll be in a space serving coffee, warmth, free wifi and you may even meet some new friends too! 


A Co-Working Space

It sounds crazy, but after a while working from home you might find yourself missing an office environment. A co-working space might be the answer. You’ll have all the benefits of an office – notably human interaction – with the benefit of your boss not being there! That said, you will have to pay a membership to use such the service.


A Private Members Club

Private members clubs are popping up everywhere these days. The benefit of working in such a place means that you’re likely to be surrounded by people with similar interests than you. There are all kinds of spaces, and there are even clubs celebrated for their art collections like Soho House or better still, The Wing, which is ladies only!


At Home

For the disciplined of us out there, working from home is probably the most cost effective option. That said, for this to work, you have to be strict with yourself. Make sure you are up, dressed and ready to work as if you were in an office. Try and keep yourself off social media, and leave housework tasks to the weekend or outside office hours.


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