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Body Language Tips For That Big Interview
Because First Impressions Count
Career 04 Jun 2024

Whoever said looks aren’t important was lying. Who can honestly say they don’t remember someone because of their outfit, their posture and the vibe they were giving off when they first met them? In job interviews, it’s not just what you say or what you wear that leaves an impression, it’s also your body language too. Here are a few tips to land you that job the next time you’re in an interview.
Think About How You Walk In

Ok, so a job interview is not a catwalk, but people do make first impressions within seconds. Make sure that your shoulders are pulled back and you are standing tall. Be confident when you stride in. Meek movements won’t get you anywhere.
Be Firm With That Handshake

When you first meet your potential new boss, make sure you great them with a warm smile and a firm, strong, assured handshake. Look them in the eyes, this could be your new work colleague for the next few years, it’s good to be direct from the outset.
Sit Up Straight

This sounds obvious, but make sure you don’t sit too comfortably once you’re seated. Sit up straight and proud, slouching will give off the wrong impression. Sit strong and powerfully, you are a force to be reckoned with.
Lean In

When you’re conversing with the interview panel, interact with them. Lean in to show that you’re really listening to what they have to say, they’ll take note and it will be well appreciated.
Nod Your Head, Use Hand Gestures

You’re allowed to show that you’re enjoying a conversation. Don’t just sit back like you’re being interrogated. These little gestures show that you are really listening and engaging with what they have to say.
Don’t Fidget

Before the interview, think about all the things you do when you’re nervous and restless – do you play with your hair, you nails – make a note of them, and then make sure not to do it in the interview. This will distract both you and your interviewer.
And Last But Not Least, Smile!
A smile can get you so many places, and it’s something that all of us can do. Who wants to work with a groucho? That’s right, no-one. Make sure to walk in with a big smile, I promise you, it’s one of your biggest assets.
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Images via @ginamarie_harris @aestheticsofjoy @clueless.movie @whovian11forlife @mirandapriestlyofficial

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