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Celebrating the Fusion of Art and Fashion Iconic “It Bag” Collaborations
Canvas + Couture When Art Meets Fashion in the Making of the World's Most Iconic It Bags
Fashion 07 Nov 2023

The fashion world has always drawn inspiration from the vibrant universe of art, and recent collaborations between renowned artists and luxury fashion designers have resulted in the creation of some of the most coveted “It Bags”. Here we explore the current and past collabs that have caught our attention!

Recent Collaborations

Indiana’s Affection Meets Longchamp’s Allure

The latest to join the pantheon of iconic collaborations is the meeting of minds: a tribute to Robert Indiana, known for his graphical interpretation of the word “LOVE”, and the chic French luxury leather goods company, Longchamp. This alliance celebrates graphic clarity and vibrant colors, weaving Indiana’s universally recognized symbol of love with Longchamp’s timeless elegance on the iconic Le Pliage® bag.

Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Journeys Continue

Elevating the trend, Louis Vuitton, in its fifth iteration of the Artycapucines line, has partnered with artist Ewa Juszkiewicz. This collaboration redefines the Capucines bag with a surrealist twist, featuring limited editions that resonate with collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike. Juszkiewicz’s “Ginger Locks”, an oil painting reminiscent of a 19th-century portrait, has been transposed onto the Artycapucines, turning it into a wearable piece of art. This exclusive edition debuted at Paris+ by Art Basel, solidifying the interplay between art and fashion.

Reflecting on a History of Artistic Alliances

如果梦境有入口| GUCCI × Unskilled Worker_手机搜狐网
Image via www.sohu.com

Gucci & Unskilled Worker: The Rise of a Star

Alessandro Michele is known for his support of emerging artists. In 2015, he discovered Helen Downie, known as Unskilled Worker, on social media and brought her into the fold to create a collection that highlighted her whimsical and unapologetically bold style. Her “Ready For The Palais” design for the GG Marmont bag is a testament to the dynamic synergy of art and fashion.

The Playful Universe of Jimmy Choo and Rob Pruitt

Jimmy Choo’s collection with Rob Pruitt was an ode to whimsical creativity, highlighted by accessories adorned with glitter, neon, and Pruitt’s angel and devil pandas. Despite the collection being centered mainly around the shows – it was the bag that was the highlight for us, a delightful celebration of pop culture and luxury fashion.

Pin on bags
Image of the Damien Hirst x The Row bag via Pinterest

Damien Hirst and The Row: A Pricey Proposition

The Row’s collaboration with Damien Hirst created a stir with its exorbitant price tag. Hirst’s custom designs on The Row’s alligator backpack showcased his signature motifs, and despite the price, the bags sold out, proving the irresistible allure of art combined with luxury fashion.

The Dior Lady Art Project

The structured Lady Dior bag has served as an ideal platform for artistic reimagining. Through the Dior Lady Art project initiated in 2016, Dior has welcomed various artists like Marc Quinn, Chris Martin, Lee Bul, Jamilla Okubo, and Namsa Leuba to reimagine its iconic design.

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