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From Glitter to Cher – What Happened This Week
Weekly Wrap Up
Art Stuff 07 Jan 2022

While you sat down to fill up your agenda with new resolutions to start this new year, like “Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the metaverse”, these are the novelties of the beginning of the year in fashion, art and obviously in the metaverse.

1.  Fake Metabirkins

It is true that in the world of NFTs everything is allowed at the creation level, except the reappropriation of the brand and we have learned this from the history of metabirkins.

Artist Jason Rothschild behind the MetaBirkins NFTs, claims that he received a cease and desist letter from Hermès and issued a statement on Instagram about the matter.

The NFT collection features 100 Birkin-inspired digital bags, and was formed after Rothchild and artist Eric Ramirez saw success with an initial NFT, which sold for $ 47,000 USD. The artist now claims that the collection has a trade volume of $ 1.1 million, per MetaBirkins Rarible page, but all is supposedly in jeopardy.

Rothschild says the brand behind the popular handbags alleges trademark infringement. Hermès has not yet filed a lawsuit against MetaBirkins.

OpenSea also stated about removing the collection from the platform “before any legal action was taken and without due process”, before writing to the MetaBirkins community that the alleged order marks a “turning point” for NFTs.

In conclusion, it is better to invest directly in the artists who work connected with the brands, since the fashion world wakes up fiercely in the digital world and is claiming your podium.

2. Cher and Saweetie x Mac shiny new year

We started this year with a lot of glitter and glamor since Queen Cher is the one who transmitted this message to us.

Mac Cosmetics in collaboration with Cher and Saweetie have teamed up to give life to a new line of makeup. The beauty account posted a photo of the two stars in silver dresses and each sporting a daring makeup look.

A collaboration that invites us to preserve the glamor and they do so with a timeless duo with an unmistakable queen of the night like Cher and Saweetie, a star of the new generations. So we started with one of the first collaborations of the year with MAC Cosmetics.

3. Burberry Lunar New Year

We love Burberry’s 2022 campaign, inspired by the year of the Tiger. Yes, because now it is time to celebrate the Chinese New Year and Burberry knows it.

The campaign stars models Liu Bingbing, Liu Chunjie, Wang Xiangguo, and Yang Ling and captured by photographer Feng Li.

The exclusive collection is featured in a series of images celebrating the year of the strong and confident tiger spirit. The collection features an orange tiger-striped animal print that adorns the exclusive Lola and Olympia bags, as well as cashmere scarves and slippers.

The campaign loaded with many graphics, a sophisticated animal print version and full of the good energies of the new year of the tiger already gives us a clue that it will be this year’s animal print trend.

4. Jacquemus for kids

To end the first week of January with a touch of tenderness and good humor, here is the new Jacquemus children’s collection. Its new range brings together three gender-neutral pieces for children from 3 to 10 years old that focus on shades of pink.

The brand opted for pink fever in December and its children’s collection was not far behind in the launch of last December with Pink 1, which is invading this year’s color trend with great force.

Undoubtedly a capsule that brings a smile to more than one person with its particular photos full of color, tenderness and a lot of positivity. The collection is available on the Jacquemus website.

Text Sophia Thowinsson

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