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Chloë Sevigny’s favourite art work is not what you would expect!
Opening Belgian artist's Carsten Höller first permanent slide tower was just one thing.
News 31 Mar 2019

The actress Chloë Sevigny in her Manhattan apartment. Credit Nicholas Calcott
Indie film favorite Chloë Sevigny’s favorite piece of art is not what you would expect.  Set a top a bookcase in her Manhattan apartment, the actress keeps a sculpture made by an artist while on death row. In a series by Emily Spivack, the author of  New York Times best seller “Worn Stories,” Spivack interviews creative people about their most precious possessions. Actress Chloë Sevigny, one of the interviewees describes her longtime interest in Damien Echols, one of the West Memphis Three — the teenagers who were wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for murdering three boys in West Memphis, Ark, in 1993. She then goes on to describe how she required a piece of his art work made on death row that is now showcased in her home.

“I had been following the West Memphis Three case since I got out of high school in 1993. It exposed me to the injustices of the criminal justice system, and I was particularly smitten with Damien Echols’s personality, his intensity and his intellect.” Commented Sevigny on what drew her to the art work in the first place.
13tmag-chloe-sevigny-slide-5XLT-superJumbo 13tmag-chloe-sevigny-slide-PVTR-superJumbo
Images credit to Nicholas Calcott
Sevigny by chance then ended up bumping into Damien Echol’s a few weeks after his release. After swapping contact details they sparked a friendship. She started buying his books and going to his readings. Damien Echols then started showing his art. Via Echol’s Instagram Sevigny noticed his bird, which he was showing at a gallery in Los Angeles. It was made out of paper, soap, glue, acrylic and paper clips while he was on death row.
“I wondered how he got this piece out of prison because I knew from the books he had written that they would destroy his papers and art. I called the gallery and asked how I could purchase it. I wanted to support him — and also it’s such a profound piece.” Sevigny described.
Alongside being an actress Sevigny has been an avid supporter to artists and participant in the art world. She stared in Pussy Riots music video Police State, took part in Brianna Capozzi ‘s book ‘ well behaved woman and opened Belgian artist’s Carsten Höller first permanent slide tower in the United States. Furthermore DJ, club owner, artist, and brother of Chloë, Paul Sevigny is an artist … who knew!?

Text by Peigi Mackillop

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