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Her Wedding Secrets!
Fempire 27 Nov 2015

Her Wedding Secrets!
Founder of ArtStar, New York City

The New York-based entrepreneur Chrissy Crawford is among those influential game-changers in the art scene, revolutionizing the online art market one click at a time. Starting as a self-proclaim “lost soul”, teaching skiing after college and waiting tables, Crawford had a stroke of genius while working at a museum in Aspen, leading her to pursue a Masters in International Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Through astute observation of the market’s high price for art works and its gap to procure an intermediate between wall décor and fine art, she founded the pioneering online art gallery ArtStar in 2011. Aiming to make collecting art easy, fun and affordable to the masses, ArtStar works with contemporary artists to create editions at a fraction of the price, offering fine prints and posters. With a just few clicks of a button selecting the size and framing option, the pieces will be delivered straight to your door with a hanger and a nail. Easy peasy!
In this interview, Crawford talks about her closet jammed-packed with a plethora of J. Crew clothes, how she finds the Swiss-born artist Olaf Breuning enchanting, and reveals secrets about her wedding in the fairy-tale city of romance, Cartagena!
sChrissy_Portrait_011 (1)
What does your ideal working outfit look like?
White ironed button down shirt, dark skinny jeans, chunky gold jewelry, sneakers or espadrilles. An embarrassing amount of my closet is J. Crew and often I wear their brand head to toe. They understand the working woman and how we dress.
What’s best: heels or flats? Which brand or style?
Flats. Vans, Converse, J. Crew cute New Balance sneakers, Soludos, Rag and Bone booties, or Repetto ballet flats in a bright color. I also love flats with a great texture and loafers.
What’s your favorite art-related blog or app?
NY Art Beat. Great for finding and rating shows and openings in New York.
What was the last thing you bought and loved?
Large vintage leopard pillows for my sofa.
What is/are your personal style signifier(s)/identifier(s)?
I love hats because I have fair skin and they give the outfit some personality. I almost always wear my tortious rim Kimble glasses from Warby Parker. They are comfortable and my eyes get worn out from contacts at my computer. Kind of my look these days.
What’s your necessary extravagance?
Good handbags and expensive perfume.
Three things/products you always need to have in your purse?
Measuring tape, lipstick, M&M’s.
What’s your ultimate beauty secret after long working hours?
Bright lipstick! Game changer and you go from zombie to cute with a little red or hot pink lipstick. I love NARS and Chanel for the lips.
What’s/are your favourite work(s) of art?
Nick Cave sound suits make my day. I watch them on YouTube for a pick me up. I love public art around New York and think Art Production Fund and Creative Time make New York a better place to live.
What in the art world are you most excited about at the moment?
The shift to art online. I love that more people are part of the conversation and collecting.
Most sexiest art person?
Olaf Breuning, Matthew Barney and Shelter Serra in no particular order.
Where are you off to next?
Cartagena, Colombia. We have a place there and are planning our wedding in Cartagena in January. It’s a special place.
Where is your next art trip/travel going to be?
Houston actually. We have a fair there in October and I’m excited to check it out. I heard it’s a great city for art and I want to see the Rothko Chapel.
In your eyes: what is the most arty city?
Oy! That’s a toughie. Berlin because artists can still afford to live and work in the city.
Someone you have in mind to call the perfect artworld gentlemen?
Simon de Pury, Alexander Gilkes, and Osman Khan. Different levels of elegance, intelligence, and style.
Which artists should we have on our watchlist?
Can I pick a few? Lisa Levy, Libby Black, Andrea Mary Marshall and Zaria Forman. I collect all four and fully stand behind their work. These women have no fear and I am not getting priced out of the market for their work.
Instagram: @artstarupdates
Website: www.artstar.com
Photos: Chrissy Crawford and Michelle Kappeler

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